Does It Feel Like Your Email List & Social Media Messages Aren’t Reaching As Many People As It Used To?

Now You Can Sell More To Your Facebook Groups, Email Lists, and Social Media Followers

Reach Your Fans Directly - With The Same Way Their Families Would

“We’re seeing explosive growth and big results! Once our team got the app and went through the step-by-step training and using the mobile notifications, we began to scale. This system works.”
— Ashleigh Reeker

Tell me if you’ve ever heard this...
“The Money is in the list!”

That's a LIE!

Your list doesn’t produce a dime unless you REACH the humans on the other end with your message.

You could have the slickest autoresponder in the world, but if your deliverability drops to 0% it will not keep producing revenue.

Think it can’t happen?

In 2017 Facebook fan pages dropped to 0.5% organic reach!

Luckily, for email, it’s not 0% (yet), for most it’s 15% to 30%. It’s been dropping for years. It’s something we constantly have to work on in our business to keep our messages being delivered.

Boggles my mind that 85% of people on our email list never even see the offers we put out!

Same thing is happening to social media, but at a worse rate!

And Youtube.

Even podcasts...

These platforms are not brand new anymore.


Your Fans Are Being Flooded With Over 2,500 Posts Per Month By Pages They Follow

According to ADWEEK.COM, in 2009 the average user followed 4.5 pages on Facebook with an average of 5 posts per month for a total of 22.5 updates per month from pages they follow.

By 2013, reported that it was up to 70 pages each posting roughly 36 times per month for a total of 2,520 posts from pages they follow each month!

The platforms of yesterday have gotten too noisy.

Fact is, your message won't even reach most of your followers!

Email inboxes are overflowing with hundreds of gurus peddling their wares, and if we’re honest, it’s one of the last places we want to spend our valuable time each day.

There is so much going on, so many pitches being thrown at your readers...

It gets worse: the ones that do hear you are gonna compare you with all the other pitches surrounding yours.

All the other offers.

And that's exactly what's been happening to your lists, your profiles, and your groups.

There Is Still One Way of Reaching People That Works So Good Mothers Use It To Reach Their Parents And Kids

YOU MUST reach your followers direct.

And, good news!

There is ONE LAST HAVEN that hasn’t yet been flooded.

In fact it’s so effective it’s how families reach their own mothers, sons, brothers, sisters, and uncles.

Be honest...

If you need to reach your sister/brother/friend do you email them? Do you post to your fan page and hope they see it? Do you post a new Youtube video and wait for it to show up in their feed?

Or do you buzz them directly?


You send a message that vibrates the little device in their pocket.

If you’re anything like me, most of your family and friends communication happens this way.

If I want to reach my dad or my wife or even a business colleague and NOT have to compete with others or wait hours, I just fire out a little message that shakes their pocket. Within seconds to maybe minutes they are seeing my message.

The Magic Button Commanding Attention & Driving Clicks

This “magic button” has a 97%-99% deliverability directly to peoples mobile phone home screens.

Which means they will ALL at least see your message.

On our own recent promotion we had CTRs as high as 16% in our tests. That’s to an external sales page, by the way.

That’s the same click through rate as we see in our emails, except now we were getting 99% delivery rates.

Imagine your current click through rates with 99% delivery rates instead of 15%.

It’s no secret that most people are accessing Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and even email from their mobile phones.

They use this magic button too.

In a 2018 earnings call to their stock holders, Facebook reps said that as high as 96% of people were accessing their Facebook accounts from a mobile device.

And looking at the home screen is the first step to getting to any of these platforms.

That’s why ALL of them use this trick and so should you.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email… the mobile phone home screen is new prime real estate. As I said, it’s where moms go to try and reach their sons.

That’s why placing your message there gets all the eyes on you.

Have you guessed what the “Magic Button” is yet?

I’m talking about Rich Media Push Notifications.

You could wait around until you see everyone doing it, or you could finally be on the receiving end of the first mover advantage for once in your life!

There’s Just One Big Problem...

In order to take advantage of push notifications you need a mobile app. You must have your users install a mobile app on their iOS or Android devices.

You can’t just whip up a free profile and be on your way.

Here’s the mistakes we made so you don’t have too...

In late 2018 we decided we needed a plan B for reaching our tribe.

It was obvious mobile was the way to go.

I wanted a hedge against the Reach Throttle Trolls getting between our message and our people. I wanted to ride the tsunami of mobile traffic.

I was surprised how few marketers are in the app game.

Then I tried to get my first app built…

And it allllll started to make sense.

First I looked at the most popular “DIY” options, but none of them could deliver what I wanted.

The apps I tried created super basic apps. They were basically just turning my blog or my youtube channel into a mediocre app.

I wanted something people would enjoy having on their phone.

What good is an app that just gets uninstalled?  ?

So I started hiring devs.

Big promises.

Even bigger fees.

Blown deadlines, missing features, weird bugs and contractors disappearing was the standard of early days web development.

I’ve even had stolen code sold to me!

I decided I needed a pro.

Here’s the estimate they gave me for my own app...

Uhhh... Nevermind!

I had just about given up on my own app.

This is when I reached out to my buddy Joel. The guy is like the Leonardo Da Vinci of Coding.

I just wanted to ask him how to go about this. What’s the best way to build an awesome app without the hefty price tag?

Turns out he had already built the solution for my needs.

He sends me a link.

Right on his home page, I saw this testimonial:

"A better way of delivering training. Real-time communication right to their phones."

Once he demo’d the product, I was hooked.

We used his company Business Glu to build out our app Although that was a custom build that cost thousands, and took months...

Truth is, you can get its main features out of the box... with Business Glu:



Watch This Demo Video


“Game Changer For Facebook Group & Challenge Funnels”

“Bottleneck Buster For Team Trainings“

“Sales BOOST For Anyone Selling Courses or High Ticket Coaching Online”

“Revenue Driver For Social Media Influencers”


Whether you just need to train your team, run challenges, get leads, or you sell courses Business Glu makes it easy to deliver content 24/7. What makes this better than traditional course builders is this is all delivered via mobile apps on Apple or Android. Mobile phones and tablets are where people watch videos today, now you’ll be there!


Want to see which videos are watched most? Want to make sure your new hire watched ALL the trainings? Want to know if a new prospect watched your whole sales series? All of that is possible inside your own back office inside Business Glu. You’ll be able to see all your leads, what they’ve watched, and connect them to your favorite autoresponder tool for follow up, via web hook invite from any platform, ClickFunnels, Zapier or custom webhook.


Gone are the days of not reaching ALL your fans. Why let the networks control your deliverability? Instead reach everyone directly on their phone in their pockets. Not with simple text messages, but with rich media notifications that can include pictures and even video. Then check your stats in your own back office. See who is really engaged and who is not. Then sell more to your fans, followers, and prospects than ever before.

What Business Glu Can Do For You:

  • Just Like Using ClickFunnels or Thinkific Everything is Branded To You & You Get Your Own Branded Link To Your Branded Sign Up Page.
  • Unlimited Content, Categories, & Training So You Don’t Have To Worry About This Becoming Expensive Over Time. Setup It Up Once & Let It Grow Your Business For Years To Come.
  • Track Progress Of Every Lead, Prospect, Customer, or Employee In Your Own Branded Back Office So You Can Manage Your Business Right From Your Phone
  • Send Unlimited Push Notifications To Avoid Being Throttled, De-ranked, Shadow Banned, or Any of That Nonsense From The Social & Email Platforms
  • You Can Have Unlimited Leads Inside Your Business Glu Back Office Unlike Some Platforms That Charge You More As You Grow. Business Glu Gets More Profitable The More You Use It.
  • Lead-Hook Connections Means You Can Sync Business Glu With Any of The Major Autoresponder Companies To Plug Them In To Your Existing Follow Up Sequences & Automations. But You Can Also Just Reach Out To Them From Inside Business Glu.
  • Powerful Content Delivery Using Mobile Apps Which All Studies Show is The Future of Content Consumption. Facebook See’s Over 95% of Users Accessing Facebook From Their Phones. Goodbye Dinosaur Model, Hello Future!
  • Plus Much More

“Using Business Glu allows you to focus on the income producing activities that give you and your team the biggest results.”
— Dave Ulloa

Normally, This Magic App Goes For $2,495 Setup + $1,495/yr BUT... For AdSkills Customers: No Setup Fee & New Lower Annual Price LOCKED IN!

It’s true, if you go straight to and try to sign up it’s $2,495 just to get started.

I pulled that demo video right from their own marketing funnel.

However, I’ve got a great relationship with the owner, Joel Kellman. He wants to focus on just making Business Glu the best product it can be, and let my team do the marketing.

I said to him, “Well first we need a better price.”

He’s given me everything I’ve asked for.

Instead of $2,495 + $1,495 recurring, he is letting me test a new price of just $995 today and then $995/yr STARTING 365 days from now.

Meaning all you’ll pay today is only $995.

Nothing else due for an entire year. PLUS, he is letting us keep the setup bonus! Basically, he has waived the setup fee and reduced the yearly cost.

Once you lock in this price, you’ll forever be grandfathered into it also. His payment software wouldn’t even let him change your price later on if he wanted.

Think of Business Glu like an automated sales rep.

Literally, plug it into your current marketing and then it will deliver your trainings or sales presentations. Then send push notifications to drive sales.

What would you pay for a human sales rep? Even if they worked on pure commission, Business Glu still beats them in cost effectiveness.

What If This Only Helps You Make 1 Sale Per Day...

  • If you sell a $99 product 1x per day = 10 days until paid off
  • If you sell a $249 product 1x per day = 4 days until paid off
  • If you sell a $498 product 1x per day = 2 days until paid off
  • If you sell a $998 product 1x per day = 1 day until paid off

For some of you 1 sale a day is your goal, but for the other half of you 1 sale a day is chump change.

We can’t promise any specific result, These are just ranges. YOU know your business and can make a decision based on what YOU know about YOUR OWN abilities.


  • Hands Off Set Up *Exclusive to the first 100 buyers* - Value Starting at $2,495
    When you’re quick on the trigger, you’re in for a treat. The first 100 buyers will get a Professional Business Glu App Set Up on the house.

    This means you’ll get a complete app set up by the Business Glu team, a one-on-one app consultation call, hands-free set up of up to 9 categories and up to 5 trainings per category.
    Joel and the Business Glu team usually charge at least $2,495 for such a set up.
  • Limited 1 Year License To 1 AdSkills Training *Exclusive to the first 100 buyers* - Value Up To $995
    Once you get access to your app, it'll be pre-loaded with one of our own world-class AdSkills trainings… for free.

    After you purchase, the Business Glu team will get in touch with you, and you’ll be able to choose 1 training among:
    • $100 a Day The Fast, Cheap & Easy Way - A shortcut path to quick earnings, with affiliate marketing
    • 10,000 Leads Per Day - A step-by-step blueprint on how to scoop traffic, leads and buyers out of the most widespread ad network in the world: Google Display Network.
    • Bulletproof Facebook Ads - The training Russell Brunson chose to teach ClickFunnel users how to sell with Facebook Ads
    Once you’re in, the Business Glu team will reach out to you to kick-off your app. On this call, you’ll be able to choose which pre-loaded training you want, and then… you’re licensed to use it as you see fit.

    Want to sell it and profit? Use it as an amazing lead magnet? Want to offer it as a bonus to another program?Our treat… to you!
  • Q&A Webinar With Justin Brooke, Ed Dale and Joel Kellman
    On this live call, you’ll get to ask us all of your questions. We’ll open our playbook and let you in on how we acquired our 1,000+ app users.

    We’ll give you all of our strategy so you can fast-track your app launch, and get your 1,000+ users ASAP.

    Joel will also be there, and will answer every single question you might have on how to set up your app, how to best use all the features, and how his most successful Business Glu clients are killing it with their apps.

    Joel is also offering at least 6 weekly calls, so no question goes unanswered. That’ll give you plenty of time to get acquainted with your new system, and as a few questions might surface… You’ll be able to get tips and training from the owner and developer of the app. 

    No stones will be left unturned.

Hurry! The Fast Action Taker Bonuses Are Expiring On Aug, 26th

Unfortunately, we could only convince Joel to keep this offer for so long. As you read this page, he’s still selling Business Glu at full price... and he wants to keep it fair for his own customers.

On top of that, we can only offer so many fast action taker bonuses. There’s a limited quantity of each… and the whole promo expires on August, 26th.

So, if you’re ready to reach your entire audience, with zero chances of hitting spam boxes, promo tabs, getting shadow banned and all these “lovely” things…

Are you ready to overcome dwindling reach and click rates... and have your own direct connection with their home screens, instead?