Free Class: 7 Profit Killers Ad Networks Are Hiding From You

**This is a recording of a live class**

"I am blown away by the stuff I am learning in here. I am one of the guys who paid $20k to spend a day with Dan Kennedy. Seeing you answer these questions in your group, you remind me of him. You both are like a human Google."  - JEREMY BLOSSOM


Employer Network

Once you’re certified, we send out a notification to our employer network. This is a network of businesses that are ready to hire AdSkills ad buyers. This includes companies like Agora Financial, Stansberry Research, ClickFunnels, Kajabi and more. 

Hands On Mentorship

You’re likely used to learning on your own, but inside you’re going to have access to hands on professional mentorship. In our members area you will have access to over a dozen handpicked and highly qualified experts. 

Always Updated

Our courses are built on actual ad campaigns not theory and updated multiple times per year by ad buyers that are actively running profitable campaigns to ensure YOU are always up to date on best practices.

Here's what past customers had to say about our teaching...


"There's a lot of experts, I'm not saying AdSkills is the only thing you should ever buy, but it should definitely be one of the things you invest in if you take your ad campaigns seriously. I've made way more back from their stuff than I have invested."

"Justin Brooke is on the cutting-edge of what's working NOW"
- Todd Brown,

"The biggest takeaway for me has really been the mindset around media buying and how to systematically approach a campaign to go all the way from finding out where your customers are already spending their time online, developing the right size funnel and, then being able to scale that past a couple of thousand dollars a month into 10K plus"
- Brice Gump,

Andrew Pontius

"Before I learned of Justin Brooke’s and John Belcher’s training courses, I’d spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars piecing together profitable ad campaigns. In my experience, Adskills is the best, most comprehensive and up-to-date training on the market. If you want to shave years off your learning curve, or want to realize the full potential of your media buying abilities, Adskills and their amazing community can help you get there."

Joakim Hansson

When I first started with AdSkills I was a one-man-shop working by myself with clients often for a modest fee.

Now I’m running an agency for high volume advertisers managing millions for my clients, delivering great results, and getting paid very well.

Nate Smoyer

"Knowing what I know now, Justin should have charged me double for AdSkills--and I would pay it! From the first few lessons, I took what I knew with me to a conference and landed my first paying client. Within 6 months of completing the AdSkills training, I was earning $100,000 annually as a solo media buyer. We're now working with dream clients and operating as a lean agency. I've found no community and no online resources that come close to matching the skills, talent, and knowledge of AdSkills."