There is a market DESPERATE TO HIRE new people right now (yes, in the middle of all this). Does not involve selling or MLM. It does involve solving puzzles and using your brain…

Dear Friend,

Things are not normal and won't be for a long time. Each one of us has to ask how we can help. For myself, I'm not a medical professional, one of our awesome shop workers, the amazing delivery drivers and teachers who are all working around the clock saving lives and getting us our essentials.

However, I do have something to offer which has become crucial in its own way. I can tell you about a career which has a huge number of vacancies. A starting pay of $48,000 to $52,000 dollars per year, you can work from home (even after all this is over) and actually booms in hard times. Yes, right now this whole industry is in desperate need of new people.

Are you a parent, juggling kids at home? Do you know one of the 3 million people who were laid off this past week? Do you enjoy analysing data and figuring out puzzles? If the answer is yes, then this new career could be for you.

Do You Qualify?

Before I start telling you about your new profession... I need to be very up front about who this is for (and as important, not for)

It's not for;

  • This new career is not a sales job. In fact, it's the ideal career for people who hate the idea of selling.
  • Multi level marketing. I have nothing against network marketing but you and I don't have the time for this now.
  • You don't need to deal with clients (unless you want to). This career, with it's $48,000 entry level positions are available right now.

Read on, and I'll prove it to you .

With this job, you're not building a business (you'll be working for companies who in the current environment are growing like it's Black Friday every day). After life returns to the new normal (and I have no idea when that will be) you're still working from home. We have run a virtual company for years. One of the positive side effects of all this is companies are finally realizing, working from home is pretty darn cool.

So who is this new career ideal for?

  • You need to use your brain. You love puzzles and working on problems, You love understanding how things work. If this sounds like you, read on. In this profession you never get to cruise. It's always changing and you need to stay sharp. Every day is different. Things change and you need to be comfortable with goalposts shifting. Here's the thing, you'll love this variety and your training will prepare you for it.
  • You need to be a team player. Look, I know every job listing says this. This time it's for real. For your new career, it's essential. One of the ways to be comfortable with the constant change is having a network of colleagues you can conduct experiments with to figure out what's going on. You need to work closely with the team inside your new company and you'll also need to have a network of peers outside your company to give you fresh insights. The awesome thing is, this will be your secret weapon. Don’t worry, I know exactly where you can find your outside brains trust.
  • You have to care. No, don't roll your eyes (And if you did your roll your eyes, stop reading, this profession is not for you). You and your new company will be providing the single most important thing businesses need around the globe (oh yes, this is a global opportunity, if you can speak and write in another language, add another 25% onto your paycheck!). If you and the company you work for screw up, Your clients businesses die and frankly, we have too many people out of work now. So you need to care - deeply.

It's unusual for me to write a letter like this. These are not typical times, which is why I took a couple of minutes up front to tell you about what's required. If you're good with what I've written so far, let's get down to what this new career is all about. If not, I'm glad I didn't waste too much of your time.


Here's the situation.

As I write this, most of the world's businesses are in lockdown. It's literally illegal for them to open their doors. So what do they do if they want to survive? They have to re-tool their business for online, not a token effort, with every fibre of their being.

The local shoe store has to sell their shoes online.

The pharmaceutical companies salesforce is grounded. They need to figure out a way to get new sales.

The window repair guy can't give quotes in person. They need to get online.

The millions of companies (and millions is not an exaggeration, according to the World Bank Entrepreneurship Survey there are 180 million businesses in just the top 15 countries by GDP), can't go to a trade show to sell their cool new stuff.

Suppliers can't travel to meet new distributors.

You get the picture, and you might even be saying, well Justin, "This is a bit obvious". Okay, I'll give you that, but have you considered this …

How the heck DO they get new business…

"Well Justin, I don't want to tell you how to suck eggs… but they will reach out to the customers using their carefully cultivated digital marketing strategies".

Well… Let's look at those strategies.

Of course the first thing they will do is start e-mailing their customers...

How's this working out?

What emails have you received recently from every company you have interacted with in the last 20 years.

Yep, "The COVID-19 update" email.

Welcome to the biggest destruction of email value and company trust I've ever witnessed.

So are you telling me before this horrible disease was upon us. Your employees didn't wash their hands, they licked the sheets in the room they were cleaning?

I have never seen such a Titanic (and I use the word Titanic deliberately) destruction of email value.

What did you do with those emails?


So email is out.

Justin, "Surely, they will reach out using their social channels they built, you know, their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter and the like".

Now, this is something you may not know.

When a business makes an Instagram post of a new service or a Facebook post announcing a new item on their take out menu. A tiny fraction, typically, just 1% of their audience actually sees it!

So social is not going to help. People won't see businesses new stuff.

But Justin, what about their blog, their Google listings and search engine optimization...

Well, let's look at those,

Let's look at a typical Google listing, say "Lawyers near me".

Look at the screenshot below this paragraph.

Every single listing above the fold (an industry term to describe what you see on the first screen of your search) is a paid listing!

Remember the good old days when you could tell which listings were paid and which were not because of the different colours and the ad's were on the right hand side of the screen in a separate column.

Long gone.

So right now, there is only one thing left any business on the planet can do to attract new customers.


(And good news, means a high-paying career while you work at home position for you)

The Answer Is...

Yep, every business on the planet going forward needs to pay Google/Facebook and all the other Ad networks. (Yes, there are heaps of them) their advertising toll …

There is no way they can do this themselves. I mean, would you go to a dentist to get a haircut…

Then why would you think a lawyer, a hairdresser, a record label, an accounting firm or a shoe store can do their own advertising? It's like you doing your own infected tooth extraction at home. I mean, you could do it, but the results are bloody, painful and when the sepsis sets in...


You see, Ad buying (Or if you're fancy, media buying) is a full on art and science. It's teachable (with the right training you can get one of those $50,000 entry level jobs in short order). It's a profession, it's only existed for the last 20 years sure, but it's a profession nonetheless.

Here's the kicker.

You find the right, respected, industry training. You can start earning your first year salary in 90 days or less.

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

If you met the criteria at the start of this letter (or know somebody you care about who does) you can emerge from this crisis with a whole new profession. A profession which is thriving and hiring right now.

Even when front pages look like this.

This is the New York Times front page on the day I'm writing this letter to you.

Look at the "to-scale" chart, comparing unemployment over the years. It's scary. There is not one Ad Buyer in those stats.

"Okay Justin, I’m listening, what do I need to do to become an ad-buyer?"

Well, the good news is you don't have to do it like I did.

When I started in 2007 most people were learning by themselves I did unpaid internships and had to make a lot of mistakes to get to where I am today. Fortunately for you, The right type of course can get you in to a new career and a decent annual salary in months - not years.

It’s crucial you find the right course, with a right industry reputation.

Find the right training and you'll find your resume being placed at the top of the pile, you could be getting paid before we are all allowed outside again.

So what's involved in a good course? You want a course which gets you job winning skills and sets you up for a lucrative career as an ad-buyer working from home. You get to work at home because you want to, not because your government needs you to stay alive.

Let's get specific,

The first thing you need is an understanding of the basics of online marketing. I truly believe the next generation of money making Ad buyers will come from non-traditional backgrounds.

You saw the New York Times front page above. 3 million 20 million people in the United States just lost their jobs, not because they did a bad job, quite the opposite, a virus destroyed their industry. A lot of them will have the skills to become master media buyers.

Some of the best media buyers on the planet right now are highly qualified women who decided to raise their family and be at home. Once the kids went off to school (remember that!), they use their skills to help buy media in all sorts of industries. My friend, and fellow board game nut, Eric Southwell hires ex- researchers and PHD's to become awesome media buyers. The best bit - they love the freedom and flexibility of their new careers.

Whatever your reason, If a career change is forced upon you or you're proactively looking for a career change. You need to understand one thing.

You Don't Need To Have Any Marketing Experience

You need zero marketing experience because a good course will give you all the fundamentals of online media buying. Fundamentals which are completely up-to-date.

Next, you need to understand how to create campaigns for each of the major platforms. You can't just read about it. You need to have "in the trenches" expert's show you all the little tricks which make your campaigns more effective.

Each industry has key tools you need to learn and eventually master. Ad-buying is no different. If you go to a prospective agency employer and you are already confident in these tools with plenty of "flight time" logged. You are straight to the top of the resume pile.

It's imperative your training includes this.

There are certain marketing campaigns, if you understand them, you can look like a Hero to already stressed out and under pressure business. These campaigns are your go to campaigns - often they will be all you need to help a business survive this crisis. Your training has to include them.

More importantly, you need training on how to get hired, you need to learn this from people who started from scratch and became highly paid media buyers. Then, once you've implemented these hiring strategies - your training organisation will be able to match you with the agencies and businesses desperate for your help.

If I have convinced you to think about making Ad-buying your new career with this letter. Stick with me for a couple of minutes and I'll tell you can get started on your Ad-buying career today.

In the midst of this insanity, you could start in a career which is not impacted by global challenges like we are living through right now.

So here's the story,

I mentioned earlier I founded AdSkills Pro-League. Pro-League has most of the major Ad-buying agency owners on the planet (over 11,000 at last count). Their biggest problem, even in the time before corona virus) was finding people to help them grow their agencies.

As I write this - it's still their biggest problem.

Our team has spent the last year creating a curriculum which "ticked the box" of every need our agency owners have for a fully minted new team member.

  • Understand the core of Online Advertising - not from 18 months ago, not from 6 months ago. From today. Any book on the subject is out of date before it hit’s the shelves.
  • Master each part of the Online Marketing process, from targeting a market to tracking campaign performance. Our curriculum has been informed by the best Ad Buying companies in the business. This is what they want you to know so they can hire you onto their teams.
  • You can’t just watch a video about creating a campaign. In our training we get you “in the field” to learn how to create a campaign. We specifically teach you our “Tri-Power” campaigns. These campaigns have been field tested and are often the only thing you’ll need to become the MVP in your new team.
  • There are key tools you need to get comfortable with in your ad buying career. We take you “Over The Shoulder” with tool experts so you can be productive Day 1.
  • How do you get hired quickly? Well we get people who were just like you (No marketing experience at all coming from a different industry all together) to show you all the tricks to getting hired fast.
  • Remember the very first thing I said to you in this letter. You have to be comfortable with change. Well, we show you how to stay up-to-date and better yet, you will join a community of fellow media buyers helping each other out.

    We spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars delivering the best curriculum on the planet. Don't take my word for it - have a look at what happened to the beta testers.

"Awesome Intro for anyone starting out in the world of online advertising. Tracy did a great job explaining all the concepts in a simple and effective way. "
- Joao Pina

"I have some experience with digital advertising but the introduction content is a great source of information for beginners."
- Brandon Neff

"Awesome introduction, very well laid out, and easy to understand!"
- Braeden Linn

"Not too complicated, to the point, easy to follow along, as long as notes are taken."
- Nathan Angle​

Our plan, from last year, was to launch this new career training at the end of March. As I write this now, I'm looking at the planning documents showing all our numbers, we felt if we were going to give you the training which would land you a $50,000 dollar a year starting salary - charging a tuition of $1000 was a really fair price.

I mean, you could try and enrol in a traditional marketing course and it would cost you more for a single unit in a semester.

Not to mention, you get to put "AdSkills Trained" on your resume. This gets you straight to the top of the resume pile with the biggest and best agencies on the planet.

Here are some of the agency owners in Pro League some of the most respected and sought after agencies in the world.

Here's what they had to say about "AdSkill Trained" team members.

"Hiring a Jumpstart member was an easy process that I was extremely happy with. Knowing the training they had already completed not only gave me peace of mind, it shortened the hiring process because it enabled me to select from a group of highly qualified candidates. I found my "rock star" who was the perfect fit for me. I will definitely be back to hire another Jumpstart member as we continue to grow our agency." - Liana Ling

This was such a good plan.

Then this whole thing happened. Don't worry, when everyone gets back to work, this course goes straight back to $1000 dollars.


I started this letter explaining I'm not a medical professional, I can't fix things (Ask Chaunna my business partner and wife)

There is only one thing I and the AdSkills team can do right now.

Get you, or a loved one a job (no it's more than a job it's a whole new career) in a recession proof, virus immune mentally challenging, fun as heck profession.

Look, We do have a team we treat as family, who have worked hard to bring this curriculum to you. I need to keep them safe and employed as well.

So here's the deal,

My team and I train you from absolute scratch. No prior experience is necessary. (Honestly, even in normal times I prefer you to have no preconceived ideas about what works).

Once you're qualified, we transition from teacher to matchmaker. We will promote you to our Pro-League agencies and business owners. We will do everything in our power to get you into a secure and well paid new career as a media buyer.

Pay a tuition of $295 today. You can start training immediately (it's not like you or I can go anywhere!). Train for a full month and if you decide a career as an Ad-Buyer is not for you. No stress, we'll give you the tuition back.

If you decide you are Ad-Buyer material (and if you've read this far - I think you will be) pay one final installment of $295 next month. Finish your training and let us help you get your new career started.

Click this link and let's get you started in your new career as soon as possible.

Let's do this.

Your Biggest Fan,
Justin Brooke
Founder of