Tired of the daily grind, capped wages and invisible glass ceilings stunting your true career potential?

Finally - The Most Direct Path To A New, High Paying Career In A Market Desperate To Recruit People Just Like You…

Even if you have no previous experience.

Yes! I’m ready to STOP wasting my time in a dead-end, mindless job. I’m excited to take the front seat in an industry which is red-hot… gives me the flexibility to work from home, on my own schedule… and provides endless career growth and opportunities.

What You're Getting: A streamlined, foolproof path to a phenomenal new career, in a field seriously under served and in dire need of new workers: Media Buying.

After you’re through this training, you’ll also have access to our practice and official tests, which once passed, you'll become a “Junior Certified Ad Buyer”... which will unlock access to our job matchmaking service.

As you log in to your members area and follow along each of the steps, you will...

  • GET A JUMPSTART TOWARDS YOUR NEW HIGH-PAYING, FAST-GROWTH CAREER: Do the work and you'll learn the way to earning your first dollar as a junior media buyer. Junior media buyers start with a salary of $48,000 - $52,000... (and it only goes up from there.)

    “Media buyer? What’s that?” I hear you ask.

    You know all those ads you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Google? Well, a junior media buyer helps businesses place those ads. With Jumpstart, you’ll learn how to buy media on the biggest websites of the world, using ad networks like Google and Facebook.

    “What if I’ve got zero marketing experience?”

    Not an issue. Our path comes with sturdy guard-rails, which will keep you on track. All you need to do is to keep doing the work and move forward.

    We provide you with all the insights, tools, and even one of our own ad accounts, so you get hands-on experience, on our budget. Yep, you get to practice with real ads, using our money.

    Now, you too can swiftly grasp all the media buying fundamentals, become more knowledgeable than most business owners… ready to become the MVP ad buyer on their team.

    You’ll have all the tools you need in order to ride the wave, and join this booming industry… ASAP.

    If you pledge to take this training to heart and apply what we teach, you can start earning your lucrative first year salary within 90 days or less.
  • LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED: You’ll understand how Google ads and Facebook ads work. You’ll know exactly how to best support the marketing team at your new job. They will pat you on the back when they see your results.

    Don’t be surprised when your spouse and friends grill you for info on how you could suddenly score a REAL job working from home.

    Whenever a business owner asks you questions about online advertising, you’ll be able to intelligently answer.

    You’ll easily determine what’s the right ad network for them to get started… and what budget to begin with.

    You’ll follow the exact steps pro media buyers use to find and convert large pools of target customers, in any ad network.

    Rather than trying to figure out what works by trial and error, we'll show you how to reverse engineer the market leader of any market… so you can nail quick wins.

    We’ll even give you our secret power-tool, the “Tri-Power” campaigns. This set of 3 campaigns has been field tested and proven, time and time again. Once you walk into your new position, you can pull this tool out to have quick and reliable results… which will leave your new boss thrilled they hired you.

    Our over the shoulder tutorials, case studies, and document templates will give you a “first person” point of view. Plus, if you ever feel stuck, they’ll act as a library where you can swipe ideas from.

    Last, but not least, the secret sauce: you’ll have access to our Jumpstart’s Private Community.

    It’s a place where seasoned pros and other Jumpstarters, just like you, are ready to exchange ideas and experiences… This way, you can leverage from other people's knowledge, mistakes, and experience. It’s like having your own braintrust.
  • ENJOY AN AUTHENTIC ‘WORK AT HOME’ CAREER: If you have a laptop, a webcam, good wifi, and the ability to work with simple software… you’re ready to roll.

    All your work can be done with free and simple tools, such as Google docs (similar to Microsoft Office), and ad network interfaces (which we train you on).

    We've even included a whole week of training on the mindset and expectations of working from home.

    If you can’t just yet imagine skipping the commute, the watered down mud water they call “coffee”, and the alarm going off 5 in the morning, don’t worry... You’ll get used to it in no time. 
  • CLIMB TO THE TOP OF THE RESUME PILE: The x-factor of Jumpstart is you’re not just getting trained… you’ll also get a certification from the top ad school trusted by the industry leaders: AdSkills.

    As soon as you get certified, we transition from teacher to matchmaker. Potential employers are already lined up, eager to hire you. They’re just waiting for you to reach the finish line.

    You won't need to go job hunting once you complete our certification test.

    We reach out to our Employer Network on a regular basis. Amongst them are some multi-million dollar companies, who have already asked for "FIRST DIBS" on anyone who is AdSkills Certified - a.k.a. YOU.

    Once you finish Jumpstart, we will do everything in our power to get you into a secure, well paid career as a media buyer.
  • SPEND OUR MONEY TO BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO: We deeply believe in our training. So much so, once you’re certified, we’ll let you get your feet wet with paid ads… and put it on our tab.

    We’ll give you access to one of our ad accounts, so you can run our proven ads out in the wild.

    Now that you have real-world results, we'll show you how to write your first case study, which will be the first page of your media buying portfolio.

    You’ll walk out certified, with real-world experience, and results from campaigns you’ve run for us. This is the perfect mix to prove to potential employers that, yes, you do know how to get results from online ads.
  • SEIZE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE WITH OUR FILL-IN-THE-BLANK TEMPLATES: ​We’ll hand you a template for every activity you’ll need to perform on-the-job.

    Did the boss require you to do customer research? Plan ad campaigns? Write ads?

    We’ll give you a template for all of those... And more.

    The templates will not only help you know what to do next… but they’ll also make you look professional in the eyes of your new colleagues and managers.

    While your peers sit at their computers confused, bombarding seniors with questions... you’ll bring processes and templates that even your seniors may want to copy.

    And your employer will notice.

We felt if we were going to give you the training which would land you a $50,000 dollar a year starting salary - charging a tuition of $1,000 was a really fair price.

I mean, you could try and enroll in a University to get a marketing degree. Which would cost you around $25,000, take 2-4 years... and they don’t even have a matchmaking service. 

In contrast, not only our tuition is a tiny fraction of that... if you take it reaaaally slow, you could be ready to join the workforce within 90 days, with Jumpstart.

Plus they wouldn’t teach you the media buying skill in the same depth as Jumpstart does.

Not to mention, you get to put "AdSkills Trained" on your resume. This gets you straight to the top of the resume pile with the biggest and best agencies on the planet.

Here's what one of the Employer Network members has to say about hiring "AdSkills Trained" team members:

Liana Ling


Hiring a Jumpstart member was an easy process that I was extremely happy with.
Knowing the training they had already completed not only gave me peace of mind, it shortened the hiring process because it enabled me to select from a group of highly
qualified candidates. I found my "rock star" who was the perfect fit for me. I willdefinitely be back to hire another Jumpstart member as we continue to grow our agency."

So selling Jumpstart for $1,000 was such a good plan… Then this whole pandemic thing happened. We had to make it even more affordable.

Don't worry, when everyone gets back to work, this course goes straight back to $1,000 dollars.

Look, I'm not a medical professional, one of our awesome shop workers, the amazing delivery drivers and teachers who are all working around the clock saving lives and getting us our essentials.

But there is one thing I and the AdSkills team can do for you, right now.

Get you, or a loved one a job… no it's more than a job, it's a whole new career... in a recession proof, virus immune, mentally challenging, fun as heck profession.

Pay a tuition of just $295 today. You can start training immediately.

Train for a full month and if you decide a career as an Ad-Buyer is not for you... No stress, we'll give you the tuition back.

If you decide you are Ad-Buyer material (and if you've read this far - I think you will be) pay one final installment of $295 next month.

Finish your training and let us help you get your new career started.


  • Bonus #1: JUMPSTART’S PRIVATE COMMUNITYThis is our secret sauce: you’ll have access to our private community.

    It’s a place where seasoned pros, teachers and other Jumpstarters, just like you, are ready to exchange ideas and experiences.

    This way, you’ll be able to leverage from other people's knowledge, mistakes, and experiences.

    The community will ensure you never get stuck. All your doubts will be quickly addressed, and you’ll feel confident and look good in the eyes of your employer… no matter what roadblock you might find.
  • Bonus #2: JUNIOR MEDIA BUYER CERTIFICATION + EMPLOYERS NETWORKAfter you’re through with Jumpstart, you’ll have access to our practice and official exams. Once you pass the test, we’ll issue a “AdSkills Junior Media Buyer Certification”... which will unlock access to our job matchmaking service.

    As soon as you get certified, we transition from teacher to matchmaker. Potential employers are already lined up, waiting to hire you.

    Everything is already set up. They’re just waiting for you to finish. You won't need to go job hunting once you complete our certification test.

    We regularly send out emails to our Employer Network. Multi-million dollar companies who have already asked for "FIRST DIBS" on anyone who is AdSkills Certified - aka YOU.
  • Bonus #3: “MARKET RESEARCH BLUEPRINT” TRAINING“Market Research Blueprint” is a training which will provide you with the exact steps pro media buyers use to find and convert large pools of target customers in any ad network.

    The best part: It’s so simple to execute even my 17 year old son could just follow the steps in this blueprint, and find these hot spots for fishing customers.
  • Bonus #4: “TRACKING 101” TRAININGIn Tracking 101, you'll be handed the step-by-step of how to set up a tracking solution to show you which ads, campaigns, and networks are the most profitable.

    Never again will you wonder where the results are coming from. Once you find the money track, it becomes easy to double down your efforts on what brings in the dough.

    And all this simple, but powerful knowledge will be taught to you by a former Googler.

    You read this right. The instructor for this course is a former Google Digital Strategist and walks you step by step how to use their free tracking and analytics software.

    You’ll see how this knowledge will quickly become the Robin to your Batman, and deliver certainty on where the gold veins of your employer’s business are.


Money Back Guarantee

Pay a tuition of $295 today. You can start training immediately. Train for a full month and if you decide a career as an Ad-Buyer is not for you... No stress. We'll give you the tuition back.

Customer Support Guarantee

 When you buy from AdSkills, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays).

Freshness Guarantee

Every one of our courses comes with the always updated guarantee. Every month we scour our courses for any outdated topics. If something has changed or become outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date.


  • Am I guaranteed to find a job? 

    As much as I wish I could 100% guarantee you a job, I can’t do this, and here’s why:

    I can’t make you go through the training. I can’t force you to do your homework and follow the simple instructions you’ll find inside Jumpstart.

    But if you’re willing to dedicate 3-5 hours per week to get certified, then I can guarantee you two things:

    1. You’ll be certified by one of the most respected institutions, worldwide, when it comes to media buying. This alone will put you at the top of resume piles.
    2. We will do everything in our power to be the matchmaker and connect you with great businesses, where you can start your career ASAP.

    Once again, I can’t force any business to hire you. But we’ll show you the path, no stones are left unturned.

    We’ll even let you run ads on our own ad accounts, on our own budget… so you can have a real-world case study, to show to your employers. You'll have already driven results with media buying.

    You’ll be certified by AdSkills, will have hands-on experience (and you can put it on our tab), results to show, and a matchmaking service which will help you connect with multi-million dollar businesses, who are eager to hire Jumpstarters… right now.

    And listen, maybe you’re having a hard time believing that it could be that easy. I can understand that.

    That’s why we offer you a no-questions asked 30-day guarantee. If you don’t feel like media buying is for you, after all… or for any reason… just ask for a refund, and we’ll give you every single penny back, and part as friends.
  • Is this training only for US residents?

    No, we have trained and placed certified people all over the world. You could work in the US, or internationally… without ever leaving your kitchen table. In fact, being able to use your native language is a real advantage.
  • Is this some kind of sales or MLM job, where I’ll need to become a pain in my family and friend’s lives?

    Oh jeez, no!

    This new career is not a sales job. In fact, it's the ideal career for people who hate the idea of selling.

    It also is not multi level marketing (MLM). I have nothing against network marketing, but who’s got the time for this, right now?

    You don't need to deal with clients (unless you want to). This is an actual career, with plenty of $48,000+ entry level positions, which are available right now.
  • So who is this new career ideal for?

    This is ideal for people who enjoy using their brain.

    If you love “puzzles”, working on problems, and understanding how things work... Then, this is perfect for you.

    In this profession, you never get bored. You never get to just “cruise”.

    It's always changing and you need to stay sharp. Every day is different. Things change and you need to be comfortable with goalposts shifting.

    Here's the thing, you'll love this variety and your training will prepare you for it.

    You also need to be a team player. I know every job listing says this. This time it's for real.

    One of the ways to be comfortable with the constant change is having a network of colleagues you can conduct experiments with to figure out what's going on.

    You need to work closely with the team inside your new company and you'll also need to have a network of peers outside your company to give you fresh insights.

    The awesome thing is, this will be your secret weapon. Don’t worry... We already got your outside brains' trust set up, just waiting for you.
  • Is this position really in demand?

    In 2017, out of every $100 spent on retail, only $10.40 was spent online.

    In 2020, this stat shot up over 50%, to $16.10 out of every $100.

    It was expected to hit $22.10 by 2023… but the recent events have boosted this growth, since many companies were obligated to start selling online overnight, due to the lockdowns going on everywhere.

    This is the time to join in, and ride the wave of growth… before it gets too competitive.

    According to the us.biz government site. Media buying is one of the 20 fastest growing careers!
  • But do companies really spend money with ads?

    If you do a Google search to find out the top 10 largest companies in the world, you’ll find 2 names of companies you probably use multiple times, every day. ‘Facebook’ and ‘Alphabet, Inc’ (aka Google).

    Let me ask you, do you know what business Facebook and Google are in?

    If you answered “social media” and “search”, sorry to tell you... you’re wrong.

    They’re in the ads business. Social media and search are just the vehicle they use to bring in the customers... so they can show their ads.

    These 2 companies are worth almost 1.5 trillion dollars, combined.

    So, yeah. Ads are extremely profitable. And that is growing and expanding by the day.

Here's what past customers had to say about our teaching...

"Awesome Intro for anyone starting out in the world of online advertising. Tracy did a great job explaining all the concepts in a simple and effective way. "

- Joao Pina

"I have some experience with digital advertising but the introduction content is a great source of information for beginners."

- Brandon Neff

​"Awesome introduction, very well laid out, and easy to understand!"

- Braeden Linn

“"Not too complicated, to the point, easy to follow along, as long as notes are taken."

- Nathan Angle

If you’ve read this far, something I said must’ve made sense to you.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your current job, Jumpstart will help see you out of it.

It's like a GPS showing you, step by step, how to reach your final destination: a REAL career, with the flexibility of choosing your own hours and working from home.

Imagine with me real quick...

What would it be like to be happier, more fulfilled and able to spend more time doing the things you love and with those you care about?

What would it be like to throw away the alarm clock and work when you want instead of being at someone else’s beck and call during all hours of the day? Want to take a nap after lunch? No problem! You call the shots. No guilt or shame feeling like you can never do enough, ever again.

If any of this sounds good to you, then Jumpstart is that first step you need to take in order to make it a reality.

You know what you need to do.

I’ll see you inside,

Your #1 Fan,
-- Justin Brooke