License Terms

By purchasing the AdSkills Bulletproof Bundle License you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement. Terms of this agreement are as follows:

  • AdSkills will provide licensee members with regularly updated content of the following courses: Bulletproof FB Ads, Bulletproof Adwords Ads, Bulletproof Youtube Ads, Bulletproof GDN Ads, Bulletproof Native Ads, Bulletproof Twitter Ads, Bulletproof Instagram Ads, and Bulletproof Landing Pages
  • AdSkills will provide you with updated content as it is released so the courses are always up to date. Updates are scheduled based on network changes. We will notify you when a course is scheduled for update. 
  • You may install the products on your own membership platform and sell them through your own shopping cart for a flat license fee previously discussed with an AdSkills team member. 
  • This license fee covers an unlimited number of paying subscribers in your membership site.
  • Any membership that includes access to courses listed in this agreement should have a subscription fee no less than $99 per month, $498 per year or a one time payment of $1498 or higher.  
  • Your license covers membership for one domain name. To add the courses to other websites you must purchase an additional license.
  • Students that purchase through your website may not download the course videos.
  • You do not have permission to reteach or resell the content in these courses. Your students are bound by this agreement as well. 
  • You are in charge of the sales, content delivery in a secured members, and customer support.
  • To prevent confusion and competition you must use the same course titles as listed on This will reduce refund requests for both parties for those that have already purchased the course.
  • Your license begins on the date of purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically each year until cancelled.
  • Terminating This Agreement:
    We are pretty easy going and don’t see any issues arising, however, breaking any one of the terms outlined above will terminate this license agreement. When/if we identify a violation we will send notification via email and give you 15 days to resolve it. Should the issue go unresolved, this agreement will terminate without refund of license fees paid and end the permission to include the courses of this agreement in your members area. Continuing to offer courses in your members area after the agreement has been terminated will result in legal action.
  • An active subscription is required. Should the subscription cancel or payment not process you will have 15 days to reactivate your subscription or update your payment details. Failure to pay within that time will terminate the agreement.
  • If at any time you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact support[at] or matt[at]