How The Top 25 Youtube Ads Were Made

We Broke Down The Scripts, Edits, & Strategies Behind The Highest Performing Youtube Ads & Found These Shocking Insights…

Hi, my name is Justin Brooke.

You may have seen me speaking on stage at Traffic & Conversion Summit, or Interviewed on EOFire.

The reason I’ve been interviewed on over 30 podcasts is for my advertising expertise.

My clients include…

  • Russell Brunson
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Frank Kern
  • …And More

Recently, I got together with two of my expert friends, Ed Dale a copywriting legend and Tom Breeze one of the worlds leading Youtube ad creators.

Learn From Our 50 Years of Combined Experience Spending $100 Million+ on Ads

Together we have over 50 years of combined experience with $100+ million spent under our belts.

We spent four hours breaking down the scripts, editing choices, and ad strategies behind 25 of the highest performing YouTube ads.

Companies such as…

  • MasterClass
  • MindValley
  • VShred
  • Purple Mattress
  • 4Patriots
  • …And More

It’s Like ESPN But For Business Owners Instead of Athletes

If you’ve ever watched coverage of a sporting event like they do on ESPN, then you already understand how this format works.

We play the ad for you and analyze every trick being used in the ads.

Just like a coach analyzing a star athletes game footage. Except this isn’t about basketball or football. This is about selling millions of dollars worth of products online.

Revealed Inside: How These 25 YouTube Ads Made Their Millions… PLAY-BY-PLAY!

You’re going to learn how the best copywriters write their scripts, how the best advertisers target their audience, and how to edit your YouTube Ads so they actually convert.

  • Discover what you MUST do in the first 3 seconds of your YouTube Ads or you’ll be ignored
  • The 30 second secret that ensures you aren’t paying for free loaders to watch your video, this one tip alone could save you thousands
  • Lighting, audio, and angle tricks that the pros use to beat all the newbies
  • The ____________ trick that increases your click through rate by 50 - 200%
  • 4 things you should do in your YouTube Ads to make sure people know where to click
  • …and more

When You Buy This Series Today You’ll Also Get The Scripts From All 25 YouTube Ads

We paid an English speaking transcriptionist to transcribe all 25 of the best YouTube Ads so you can have their scripts in your swipe file.

How easy will it be for you to write your own script when you have a library of 25 scripts written by the best writers money can buy?

No more staring at a blank page.

No more “uhh… what should I say.”

You’ll have all the inspiration you could ever want with these 25 scripts.

BONUS: Dropbox Link To All 25 High Performing Youtube Ads Downloaded So You Can View Them Offline Even If They Get Deleted From Youtube

Let’s be honest…

It’s kind of hard to find YouTube Ads and link to them.

Obviously, they try to hide them and even make them unlisted. But you’ll have them all downloaded so you can share them and keep them forever.

You’re getting expert analysis of all 25 YouTube Ads, plus transcripts of all 25 YouTube Ads, plus downloads of all 25 YouTube Ads.

This is the ultimate swipe file for anyone making their own YouTube Ads or anyone making YouTube Ads for clients.

Each of Our Three Coaches Charges $1,000/hr For Consulting But You Are Getting 4 Hours For Less Than $100

If you hired these coaches yourself to explain how you can run your own ads, it would cost you $1,000/hr x3.

This series is 4 hours long and more profitable than any Netflix series you’d watch this week.

You won’t pay $1,000 or even $500.

Get all 4 hours, the transcribed scripts, and the Dropbox folder for just $98.

If all you learn is one strategy that works, you’ll save thousands on your ads. You could be one strategy away from a breakout YouTube ad campaign that makes millions.

… Tomorrow you’ll have scripts to follow.

… Tomorrow you’ll have expert analysis to help you make your YouTube Ads.

But that’s only if you buy today.

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