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Build your dream business with Alejandro Reyes

Kate Buck Jnr
April 4, 2023
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In 1999, Alejandro read Bill Gates saying that by 2010, half of the money would be spent online, so he decided he had to learn how to sell stuff online. As many of us, he learned and learned, but it took him a long time before he really took any action. He first started by teaching SEO and social media to local businesses, with what he learned from this unknown guy called Justin Brooke. When his teacher started talking about paid ads. By 2012, he started toying with Facebook ads. He moved to Seattle and ended up working for a company called Pushpay. In 2 years, the company valuation went from 10 to 100 million dollars. After a few famous authors started reaching out, he felt compelled to start a growth agency. Fun fact: his agency has never spent a dollar in ads to get clients. All of his clients come through referrals because they get results. You can get the business and agency of your dreams if you help people get results... and get it fast. Alejandro mentions how tactics are important, but if you really want to grow a business, you need a sound strategy. To him, content is the fire, and paid advertising is gasoline. We trust and like people who have created content: books, movies, rapped great lyrics... The brands that are winning are the ones creating content. He goes over the framework of ""Know, Like, and Trust"", and how pushpay used it to grow their business... and how content put them on the map.

Even though Alejandro doesn't take new clients, he's open to meet or answering any questions on his Instagram or other social media platforms: @alejandroreyes

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