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Going BIG In Ecomm & SaaS On Facebook With Joshua Bretag

John Belcher
April 3, 2023
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Joshua Bretag is the guy you talk to when you're ready to ambitiously scale your business - especially when it comes to media buying through Facebook and Instagram, as well as Conversion Rate Optimization. Scaling with Josh is not for the faint of heart - but it is highly rewarding for those who choose it. Josh's approach includes tapping into his extensive 10 years of knowledge to make calculated risks that result in huge, yet sustainable leaps in business. He and his team manage over 6 figures in advertising spend per day, (and millions across their lifetime.) He has helped scale companies from start-ups into $30 million dollar revenue generating machines, launch million dollar campaigns, and grow Aside from cycling, Josh has a passion for marketing and analytics that borders on the 'is this guy a human marketing optimization machine' spectrum. Regardless, he sees you as his team and will treat you as such, with clear communication and mutually set goals. Over his lifetime, Joshua has been able to achieve results such as: - Scaling a business from 30k in spend to 200k in monthly spend (at a profit) in just 6 weeks - Growing a startup from completely self-funded into a $30+ million dollar, full-fledged company (currently at $80 million and growing) - 40% growth in sales while reducing marketing spend by over 70% in under 3 months for one client - Increase of conversion rates of a website from 4% to 6.7% resulting in over a 6 figure increase to the bottom line of the business. - Rebuilding a marketing automation workflow from the ground up to save just over 20 hours of marketing admin work per week. - Scale a social media marketing channel by over 1000% spends in just one month using a scalable CPA and budgets.

If you'd like to work with Joshua, you can reach him at the following link:

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Facebook -

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