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Here's How To Reduce Local Campaign CPC By Over 80% with Brandon Breshears

Kate Buck Jnr
April 3, 2023
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In this episode, Brandon recounts his experiences running a full stack marketing agency - think custom funnel builds, email marketing follow up systems and automation, landing page design and delivery, media buying, etc - as well as his productized service, managed Google Ads for veterinary practices.Hint: He has a thing or two to share about his own experience leaning, away from Facebook Ads, strongly towards running Google Ads.Hear the simple approach Brandon used to get his CPC for local campaigns 80% lower for one specific client, leveraging day-parting, and simple account structure updates.It's been an interesting journey for Brandon and his family in the past few years. A family health event brought Brandon home full time, allowing him to gain insightful experience as a media buyer which he shares with us on this episode of the AdSkills Pros podcast.

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