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Here's How Tracy Rye Made The Leap From Teacher To Media Buyer

John Belcher
April 2, 2023
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Tracy Rye is a former elementary school teacher. She used her summer break 2 years ago to learn media buying. By the end of summer, she was working part-time as a junior media buyer.Fast forward 1 year later and she's the lead campaign manager for a niche agency. Her most recent success is managing a 7 figure launch for one of her clients. All while working part-time from home so that she can spend quality time with her kids.As a teacher, Tracy's expertise was working with struggling students. She relied on her attention to detail, organization, research abilities, and analyzing skills to make her classroom fun, engaging, and most importantly, her students showed tremendous gains year after year. She's transcended those same skills into managing ad campaigns, now planning and researching to find highly targeted audiences, analyzing data, and constantly reviewing details to bring that same growth mindset to ROI for her clients.Her newest passion is sharing how possible it is to become a work at home mom. More importantly work at home mom with a balanced life of family, memory making, and a career that has her excited to get out of bed for each morning.

If you'd like to work with Tracy, you can reach her at the following link:

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