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How Media Buying And A Sales System Can Drive Sizzling High Ticket Sales with Pamela Carpenter

Kate Buck Jnr
April 4, 2023
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Pam Carpenter lost her job and found herself in a situation where she just had to create her own employment right away. She started out as a web designer and social media manager. Eventually, she transitioned to where she is today, building online memberships and course platforms. She even did some work for Russell Brunson, over at Clickfunnels. Many businesses state that they're a "referral business" as a badge of honor, but that can lead ourselves into a cycle of feast or famine. Eventually, she grew and wanted to coach people. She realized that "build and they'll come" only works if you're Kevin Costner, so she had to find out how to build a system that is scalable, in order to fill the pipeline with customers. That's when she decided to learn media buying... and it's where AdSkills came into play. Pam says that "Pro League", the AdSkills community, is hands down the best investment she's ever made in her business. She doesn't even need to ask questions, she can just swoop in, make a few searches, and find brilliant minds freely sharing high-level information. It's a very uplifting place, she mentions. She eventually came to find a system called "Introvert Sales System" which is based on long-form Facebook posts that lead people to a survey, and, eventually, to a phone call. By mixing up her newfound Media Buying skills with her sales system, she was able to turn 275 dollars worth of ads into 15,000 worth of revenue.

If you have a high ticket coach program or membership sites, you can reach out to Pam at or her Facebook profile,

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