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How Milton Brown Gets 1,000 subscribers for under $20

Kate Buck Jnr
April 4, 2023
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At the tender age of 14, Milton realized the computer in his room was a tool for him to make money, so he started studying. Programming websites and banking some cash with AdSense came along, and even got banned from Google, back in the day. His passion for learning always drove him to keep on learning and developing his skillset, with stuff like SEO, Facebook Ads. Eventually, he ran into Justin Brooke and started following him... and he ended up going through the program. He went from managing $16k to about $100k in ad spend in under one year... and he keeps on growing his agency. He has worked with clients in many industries, such as universities, funeral homes, non-profits, school, and so on. Once, he brought in 987 qualified, USA leads for a magazine... for under $20. By creating a spot-on avatar and knowing their heaven/hell, he was able to run this winner campaign, which he explains how it went. One of the best tools he got from AdSkills is the templates of how to properly set up ad accounts and tracking... and he talks about a case study when this helped him dominate Google searches for one of his clients. His specialty is Google Ads, but he's also working with Display and YouTube ads.

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