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Overcoming Restricted Audience Targeting In The European Market

Kate Buck Jnr
April 3, 2023
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Formerly a developer, Gregory Cardinale is a Media Buyer in both French and English markets. Programming was always a passion but he quickly realized that working on a dev team was becoming less than fulfilling.His father encouraged him to learn web marketing to see how he could make money online - at that time, he had no idea how greatly it would impact his life!Gregory says of his experience with AdSkills, "You come for the courses, but you stay for the community!"Currently, he works with European clients - in French.  He describes how the functionality and insights available in the Ads Manager are less than what is available in English, so he has to be more creative about his Ads.  For example, he uses images to filter the audience he wants to speak to because he can’t select audiences as precisely as he can in English.Gregory maintains a focus on marketing Webinars for coaches, consultants, experts in their field - a lot of Fitness, Health and Self-development opportunities also, in the European Market.

You can contact Gregory at or email at

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