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Piggy-back Offline Marketing Channels For Online Success With Justin Jacques

Kate Buck Jnr
April 3, 2023
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Justin Jacques is an engineer to trade, and came to media buying via his pressing need to book clients for his Wedding DJ company... (stay with us!). He pursued SEO initially but started buying ads when SEO proved unreliable. Other companies noticed his paid ads success, which led to Justin helping them out with his newfound marketing experience. Eventually, he moved away from his Wedding DJ company to run his online marketing agency full-time.

These days Justin specializes in optimizing existing campaigns. He describes notable success with one of his clients who is regularly interviewed on Nationally syndicated news programs - Hint: they retarget users who visit their website after each of those interviews.  Justin and his team help their clients to niche down, bringing focus from a broad or general targeting approach to more specific messaging. They also like to seek out missed opportunities in the existing Funnel. And they do so with great success.

Justin works with service-based businesses and local businesses.

If you'd like to work with Justin, you can reach him at the following links:
1. Web -
2. Email -

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