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Targeted Traffic, Positioning, and Conversions with Jon Rognerud

Kate Buck Jnr
April 4, 2023
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Jon Rognerud’s career began as a Rockstar, but today he is a skillful media buyer He spent many years in software development, and after that, he started a media & marketing agency, in Los Angeles. Even though Jon has written 3 books on SEO and web optimization, he recognized in media buying a very valuable skill to develop. He mentions the importance of having professional guidance and mentorship when you’re developing a skill… and how a community of like-minded people can make all the difference. Jon’s 3-step “formula” to online success comes down to: Targeted traffic, your positioning, and conversions. When it comes to traffic, he’s specialized in Facebook, Google Search, and GDN. He’s had a lot of success working with clients who are in health & beauty, wellness, finances, e-commerce, and local businesses.

You can reach out to Jon on and

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