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The 3 Key Elements To Successful Campaigns With Jason How

Kate Buck Jnr
April 3, 2023
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Jason How realized he had no passion for the career he was pursuing. After reading a post on Tim Ferriss' blog, he worked his way into "social media marketing". As an auto-proclaimed "math nerd", he focused on writing technical articles about Facebook, which eventually lead him to running social media ads for customers. Jason has a solid track record working with "Education" clients - which are usually not very sophisticated, when it comes to marketing... but can be real good at selling. According to him, having success in your campaigns comes down to 3 things: irresistible offer, a converting funnel, and high-quality traffic. He also talks about what are the best type of clients a media buyer could ask for.

You can reach out to Jason How by email or visit his website at

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