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The Power Of Basics: How Tracking Is Key To Profitable Media Buying With Jonathan Wilson

Kate Buck Jnr
April 4, 2023
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Jonathan Wilson got his first job in a software company, right before the dot com bubble. Ten years in the business made him realize that most of his clients didn't know the first thing about marketing and sales. After being caught in a downsize, he decided to help companies thrive with online marketing, with his knowledge of SEO and AdWords. Jonathan talks about how a systematic approach to marketing is important, and how going back to basics can make all the difference in results. He talks about the importance of analyzing websites, funnels, and how tracking the customer journey is vital to getting solid results... especially when he takes on a new client. If you've ever had issues with tracking inconsistencies, Jonathan shines some light on how he approaches such a common issue. He also gives some tips on retargeting and shows his go-to resources for flawless execution.

You can listen to Jonathan on his "Maze Marketing Podcast" and get his "Maze Remarketing" book.

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