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Who Else Wants Campaign Profits To Hit Between $36k And $767k?

Kate Buck Jnr
April 3, 2023
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Sheena Murphy is a valued member of the AdSkills community, along with her husband Mike who we heard from on the last AdSkills Pros Podcast.Sheena enjoyed a successful career before she trained as a media buyer with AdSkills, but wanted to work from home some time after she became a mom. Turns out that was a good move.She generated $36k in profit for her first client, which is dwarfed by her most recent client win, a respectable $767k in profits.

Another campaign saw 8000 targeted leads added to an email list, in the space of a few months, with only $400 ad spend.If you'd like to work with Sheena, you can reach her at the following links:

1. Facebook profile -
2. LinkedIn -
3. Email -

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