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Why Most People Fail with Linked In Ads with Eric Southwell

John Belcher
March 31, 2023
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As the VP-Paid Advertising for Supreme Optimization, Eric manages a team of 7 to provide a measurable ROI on 55 different accounts across Google Ads, LinkedIn & Facebook. Eric is a "numbers guy" who holds a degree in Finance, Investments & Banking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Continuing his passion for number crunching, Eric has been running paid advertising campaigns for over 5 years. Eric is also an AdSkills course instructor, co-creating the Bulletproof LinkedIn Ads course with John Belcher.Before joining Supreme, Eric was a self-proclaimed world traveler; scuba diving, zip lining and skydiving through over 30 different countries. When out of the office Eric enjoys a variety of activities including video games, basketball, ultimate frisbee, board games, traveling, and watching documentaries.

You can reach him at his Linkedin profile -

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