3 Types of Ads Everyone Should Test, With Examples

3 Types of Ads Everyone Should Test, With Examples

Maximizing Your Ad Success: Testing Different Ad Types with Less Effort

Published by: Team AdSkills
May 22, 2023

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You launch a new product to your website. The sales process is ready, carts ready, tracking is setup, you know you need some traffic, but you just don’t know if your ads will work.

If it does work, it could be worth millions.

If they don’t, it’s going to be another rough month!

Ever been in that situation?

Me too, until I finally developed a system for starting all ad campaigns with a guaranteed way to find out what works in my market.

Imagine going fishing and instead of putting a worm on your hook, you cast out 15 hooks with different bait. Surely, that would increase your chances of getting a bite right?

That’s what this is BUT, I’m not going to make you create 15 ads.

Just three.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Starting Ad Campaigns

Legally, I’m not allowed to call AdSkills a trade school (yet).

However, I truly believe that advertising or should I say being an advertiser is a trade just like being a plumber, carpenter, or mechanic.

It’s not magic or luck that paints the walls or fixes the car or builds a house.

It’s a tried and true sequence of processes.

That’s what we teach inside AdSkills, in fact there is a 9 week course inside that covers soup to nuts. From knowing the lingo to optimizing profits.

What I see so many rookies do with their ad campaigns is they leave it all up to luck. They use one landing page, one ad, one campaign, and usually stuff as many interests or keywords as they can come up with.

It’s the equivalent of inserting a quarter and pulling the arm down on the slot machine. “Golly gee, I sure hope money comes out?” Silly, I know, but it’s literally happening thousands of times every single day of the week all over the globe.

It’s become my life mission to stop that.


My life mission is THAT?

Well… I’m not a the guy who’s gunna clean the beaches or plant 20 million tree’s. This is my contribution to the world. This is my calling. It’s the gift God has trained me for, to help business owners acquire more customers so that they can solve all the other problems in the world.

The bread maker makes bread.

The blacksmith makes horseshoes.

And I help business owners create profitable marketing.

So what’s the answer?

How do we not leave our ads up to luck?

Use These 3 Ads Every Time You Start a Campaign & Watch What Happens

Human beings all have the same primal drivers.

They are either driven away from pain, towards pleasure, or can’t resist controversy. The last one is why the news works the way it does. It’s why people can’t resist rubbernecking as they drive by the scene of an accident.

Do we REALLY want to see someone all bruised and bloody in an accident? No, but we can’t help ourselves from trying to find out what calamity happened here. It’s instinctual, we cannot ignore it.

And if you leverage these 3 primal instincts they will not be able to ignore your ads either.

  1. Away from pain
  2. Towards pleasure
  3. Some shocking news

Think of Tylenol, Coca-Cola, and CNN.

You don’t have to like these brands, but you’d have to be a hermit in the woods to now know about them. They are 3 of the biggest global brands of all time.

Tylenol helps you avoid pain.

Coca-Cola promises you pleasure.

CNN always has some shocking news headline.

How do we use this for our own ads. Well, today I’m going to use “Worm Farming” as the niche and product. It’s something my wife is involved in. I have to admit, it’s way more fascinating than it sounds.

Target customer: Backyard gardeners

Product: Worm Castings or Worm Farming eBook

Benefit: Free Fertilizer & Big Yields Forever

Ad #1: Away From Pain

Ad #2: Towards Pleasure

Ad #3: Shocking News

Turn These 3 Ads Into 15 The Fast, Easy, & Cheap Way

Now that you have these three ads, you’re going to come up with 5 ad sets. In fact, I’ll just give you the framework we teach inside AdSkills.

  1. What influencers do they follow?
  2. What stores do they shop at?
  3. What media do they watch?
  4. What books do they read?
  5. What tools or software do they use?

For example, in Internet marketing this would look like…

  1. Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Neil Patel, Grant Cardone
  2. Best Buy, Tiger Direct, Ikea, Hobby Lobby
  3. Shark Tank, The Profit, Dragons Den, Secret Billionaire
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Millionaire Fastlane, Good To Great, 4 Hour Workweek
  5. InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, Shopify, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Wordpress

Instead of putting all of these interests in one big ad set, we break them up into 5 which gives us a better idea of which segment of the market works best.

Combine that with which primal instinct drives them from your 3 ads, and now you’ve got the secret combination code that unlocks profits in your market.

Your first round of ad buys is to just buy this secret code.

Then you get rid of everything that lost you money, keep the best working segments and ads, and optimize your campaign to profitable.

5 segments x 3 ads = 15 pieces of bait in the water instead of 1.

It’s these kinds of frameworks that sets apart an AdSkills trained ad buyer from the rest. It’s why we naturally have a steady flow of leads for our certified members. They know our ad buyers already know this process and others, so they prefer to hire from us than Fiverr or Upwork.

You can hire our ad buyers over at

Or you can get certified by starting with our 9 week course inside AdSkills on our home page

If you just want to be a better DIY ad buyer for your own business, why not learn the same things we teach the agencies? Get the insider knowledge and save your money.


Go it on your own and see how much it costs to learn by trial and error.

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See you next week.

Justin Brooke,
Founder of

P.S. Recently, I got together with two of my expert friends, Ed Dale a copywriting legend and Tom Breeze one of the worlds leading Youtube ad creators. We spent four hours breaking down the scripts, editing choices, and ad strategies behind 25 of the highest performing YouTube ads. You can watch that series here > Decoded: The Top 25 Youtube Ads Revealed