6 Million Visitors in 3 Months and $5 Million in December Alone?

6 Million Visitors in 3 Months and $5 Million in December Alone?

Affiliate Site’s Holiday Domination Blueprint

Published by: Team AdSkills
December 13, 2023

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The holiday season is prime time for e-commerce marketers. Shoppers are looking for the coolest and most interesting gifts out there. And the competition for their attention is fierce.

In this post, we'll check out a slick holiday shopping campaign that caught my eye while browsing the web. These guys know how to pull out all the stops with urgency, scarcity and social proof.

Their landing page is overflowing with "must-have" gadgets. And the calls to action are relentless. Button after button, deal after deal. It's no wonder their traffic and engagement spikes every December.

But this affiliate site does more than just blast seasonal shoppers. We'll take a peek at their year-round strategy too. One that relies just as heavily on quality content as it does on seasonal splash.

So if you're looking to get a bigger slice of the holiday e-com pie, stick around. We'll break down this campaign from headline to checkout. Swipe what works, throw out what doesn't and hopefully leave with the perfect recipe for seasonal sales.

Overview of Holiday Shopping Campaign

The holiday shopping rush is a huge opportunity for ecom marketers. So I wasn't surprised when this seasonal campaign popped up in my feed.

The ad featured one of those unique camera gadgets you can't help but click on. And it seems like I wasn't the only one intrigued. The headline promised "29 of the Coolest Gifts for 2023" - catnip for holiday shoppers.

After clicking through to the landing page, two things stood out. First, these guys are pros. They built urgency and scarcity right into their copy. Second, every product showed insane social proof stats.

We're talking thousands of near-perfect reviews. Not surprising when you consider the merchant behind this. ConsumerBags has been cooking up viral affiliate promos for years.

And based on the site traffic, engagement and advertising data we'll cover next, they really know how to hit holiday shoppers where they live. Their strategy goes way beyond seasonal splashes too.

So if you want to spike sales without sacrificing sustainability, keep reading. We’ll unpack exactly how ConsumerBags turns window shoppers into year-round buyers.

Landing Page Analysis

The ConsumerBags landing page is a masterclass in seasonal affiliate marketing. Everything from the layout to the copy is meticulously crafted to convert holiday traffic.

Urgency and Scarcity

The sense of urgency starts right in the headline - "29 insanely cool gadgets that are going to sell out this December." This prompts fear of missing out for anyone looking for the season's hottest gifts.

And while the page is an evergreen template, it displays today's date at the top. This makes the deals feel ultra-time sensitive. Shoppers know quantities are limited and might pull the trigger faster.

Scarcity is further emphasized in the product descriptions. Many highlight exactly how many units are left. Phrases like "only 29 left!" and "almost sold out" add pressure and exclusivity.

Affiliate Products

Scrolling down reveals carefully curated gadgets in the electronics, home goods and health spaces. These aren't random items - ConsumerBags has established partnerships with major affiliate programs.

Each product shows insane social proof stats, including near-perfect review scores. The Galaxy Ball for example boasts almost 1300 five-star ratings. Comments praise how fun and futuristic it is.

Featured merchants include big names like Capital One Shopping and Rival Smartwatch. ConsumerBags likely has high-tier status with preferred rates. This lets them aggressively promote exclusive deals.


Nearly every product listing has a custom call-to-action button. Some focus exclusively on discount pricing, like "50% off today only!"

Others offer free trials or satisfaction guarantees. For example, Miracle Sheets come with a 60-day risk-free trial. If you don't love them, return shipping is covered.

This barrage of too-good-to-pass-up deals activates urgency. ConsumerBags also captures affiliate commissions instead of handing them off to other sites.

While intensely seasonal, these core persuasion strategies work year-round. ConsumerBags has clearly perfected holiday-themed conversion while keeping core funnels evergreen.

Traffic and Engagement Analysis

ConsumerBags clearly spikes campaigns around the holidays. But a closer look at their traffic and engagement reveals some smart foundational strategies.

Paid vs Organic Traffic

Paid acquisition makes up the bulk of their overall traffic - no surprise given the volume of ads they run each November and December.

But they do get a decent slice coming in organically too. Over 500,000 organic visits occurred in October 2023 alone.

Curious where this search traffic comes from? We uncovered some smart SEO moves targeting buyer keywords around top affiliate products.  

Buyer Intent Keywords

For example, ConsumerBags ranks well for "rival smartwatch reviews". This pulls in motivated shoppers researching a specific product.

The landing page for that keyword features a detailed advertorial review. If readers purchase through provided links, ConsumerBags profits. Pretty ingenious organic lead gen.


As expected, traffic surges in Q4. The site saw almost 6 million visits from August to October 2023. November and December will likely double that.

But ConsumerBags runs campaigns year-round too. Product selection adjusts slightly, but core funnel and monetization strategies remain consistent.

This ensures sustainable revenue and partnerships. Then they skillfully scale everything up each holiday season for maximum short-term profits.

Advertising Analysis

ConsumerBags dominates paid distribution channels, especially during the holiday months. From display to search, their ad strategy connects cold traffic to custom landing pages.  

Display and Native Ads

The site targets major platforms like Taboola, Yahoo Gemini and Google Display. Creative variations push specific products like the Galaxy Ball or quirky cameras.

Copy maintains a gift-centric angle with headlines like "29 Coolest Gifts for 2023". Images are eye-catching and unusual to spark click curiosity.

Ad Creatives

We analyzed several creatives running across native and display channels in July 2023. The core style remains consistent outside of peak holiday months.

Some product selections adjust, but urgency and social proof stay central in the copy. For example, an ad pitched "97 insanely cool gadgets that are going to sell out this July."

Evergreen vs Seasonal Ads

ConsumerBags has mastered the art of blending always-on funnels with special seasonal launches. Their core creative strategy holds steady all year.

Then in Q4, they crank up the gift rhetoric and scale up budgets. Bid prices likely increase given the competition. But the underlying approach remains consistent.

This balanced combo allows ConsumerBags to stay nimble. They double down on conversions when seasonal shoppers surge. But can pull back smarter, not harder when margins dip.

Wrap Up

★ Profit Surges Come Seasonally for ConsumerBags. They smartly maximize holiday shopping splurges.
★ But Foundational Strategies Stay Evergreen. The core landing pages, ads and offers adapt minimally across the calendar.
★ Affiliate Relationships Anchor Everything. Curated products with exclusive deals keep merchants happy.
★ Balance Paid Traffic with Organic. Buyer-intent keywords complement promo blasts beautifully.  

So if you want unfair advantages come Q4 (and all year frankly)...model what works from this campaign and make it your own.

Because clawing more market share isn’t rocket science. It just takes a keen eye for what clicks, the conviction to outwork competitors and the patience to continually sharpen strategies over time.

Stay on the edge,
Jason Stogsdill