7 Reasons ‘Who Gives a Crap’ is Kicking Butt

7 Reasons ‘Who Gives a Crap’ is Kicking Butt

Turning the Mundane into Marketable with TP

Published by: Team AdSkills
February 1, 2024

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The Rise of Toilet Paper Marketing

Welcome to the world of marketing where even the most everyday items get a sprinkle of magic. Today, we're talking about something that might seem a little funny at first – toilet paper marketing. But let me tell you, it's serious business, and it's also seriously smart.

So grab a seat (pun intended) and let’s dive into how "Who Gives a Crap" turned the plain old roll of TP into a lesson in clever marketing that we can all learn from. Imagine finding out that the toilet paper you use every day does more than just, well, you know – it actually helps the planet and your wallet at the same time.

Think about the last time toilet paper was on your radar. Maybe it was during a grocery run, or perhaps during that infamous time when store shelves were as empty as a ghost town. That’s the moment "Who Gives a Crap" took toilet paper out of the bathroom and into the spotlight.

Their method? Pair a great product with a standout name and market it right on the pages of CNN. No jumping to a different site – just straight-up, in-your-face, eco-friendly, cost-saving toilet paper on a major news outlet. Talk about getting the right kind of attention!

They didn't stop at just making their product look good; they made it sound good too. Who wouldn't chuckle at a company name like "Who Gives a Crap"? Plus, they threw in a discount to make their already captivating ad even more tempting.

In today’s world, it’s not just about what you’re selling; it’s about the story you tell. "Who Gives a Crap" weaves a tale of sustainability, savings, and style – yes, style, on toilet paper! – and people are listening. Let's keep unraveling this story and see what other lessons we can pull from the toilet paper roll. Stick with me, and let’s learn how to market the unmarketable

Leveraging Native Advertising and Brand Personality

Hey everyone! It's time to roll out a new perspective on something you never thought could be interesting—yep, we're talking about toilet paper marketing. This isn't your typical product pitch, so if you're ready for a twist, you're in the right place.

Welcome to a quirky corner of the marketing world where a brand named "Who Gives a Crap" is changing the game. This isn't just a story about how to sell toilet paper; it's a master class in using native advertising and brand personality to make a splash.

Imagine scrolling through when suddenly, you spot an ad that's not just colorful and eye-catching but also boasts a good cause. That's right, folks. We're not talking about your average toilet roll. We're talking about toilet paper that's friendly to both the environment and your bank account.

Now, think about the last major ad you clicked on. Odds are, it didn't take you to another website but kept you right where you were, smoothly integrated into the site you were already browsing. That's the power of native advertising – it fits right in.

The folks at "Who Gives a Crap" have done something extraordinary. They've transformed a mundane product into an irresistible click, all without leaving the comfort of your news article. How? By blending a bold brand voice with an even bolder mission, tackling head-on the main problems you'd associate with eco-friendly products: cost and inconvenience.

But let's not roll past the name that probably caught your attention – "Who Gives a Crap" has personality, and it's not afraid to use it. Let's dive in and unfold the story layer by layer. We'll explore how one brand turned the everyday necessity into a marketing marvel, and how you can, too. Stay tuned because it's bound to be an engaging ride – and who knows, you might just come away with inspiration for your next big idea!

Effective Sales Tactics: Discounts, Visuals, and Calls-to-Action

Alright, let's chat about how "Who Gives a Crap" makes you actually, well, give a crap about toilet paper. It’s not just about what they sell—they've got a whole bag of tricks to make sure you're paying attention and are ready to buy.

First up: Discounts. Everybody loves a good deal, right? This company's not just throwing a discount at you; they're making it a part of the story. When you're scrolling through that colorful, fun article and see 20% off your first order, it's like finding a hidden treasure in a sea of boring ads. Now you're not just interested; you’re hooked.

But hold on, they've added a twist – that deal has a timer on it. It’s ticking away, and if you want to get your hands on eco-friendly toilet paper and save some coin, you gotta act fast. That's how they get the excitement going. It’s not just a discount; it's an adventure, and you're invited.

Let's talk visuals. We've all seen toilet paper, but have we ever called it beautiful? "Who Gives a Crap" has. They aren't just showing you a roll of toilet paper; they're showing a burst of colors, patterns, and designs that turn something bland into something grand.

And that call-to-action (CTA), it's not a whisper; it's a shout. It's right there, loud and clear. Want a discount? Click here! No confusion, no fuss. Just a big, bold button that says "this is what you want to do next."

Remember, folks, this isn't just about selling you something – it's about giving you a feeling, an experience, something to talk and smile about. So, with every colorful picture, every clever pun, and every clear, lively CTA, "Who Gives a Crap" isn't just selling toilet paper. They're selling happiness by the roll, and they're making it super easy for you to swipe that deal and feel great about it.

Keep these tricks in mind because, with the right discounts, visuals, and CTAs, even the simplest product can become unexpectedly exciting. Who knew toilet paper could teach us such a marketing lesson? Stick around, and we’ll keep unrolling these strategies together.

Analyzing Traffic and SEO: How "Who Gives a Crap" Dominates the Market

Time to dive deep—like a detective with a magnifying glass—right into how the eco-friendly toilet paper brand "Who Gives a Crap" is getting the crowd to come to them. We're talking traffic and SEO, and let me tell you, these guys are like the cool kids at the marketing party.

First off, we peek at their website traffic. Think of it like checking out a super popular ice cream shop – everyone's lining up to see what the fuss is about. "Who Gives a Crap" got a whoppin' 2 million views in just three months. That's a lot of eyeballs looking at... toilet paper!

Now, not all their traffic is just people wandering in; a hefty chunk—around 30%—is from paid ads. It's like they put up giant, hard-to-miss billboards online saying, "Hey, come check us out." And it works because, well, here we are talking about them.

But where "Who Gives a Crap" really shines is in organic search. They're like the wizards of SEO. You type in "toilet paper" or "paper towels," and bam, they're right there at the top of the search results. Imagine winning a race without even looking like you're trying – that's them.

It's a bit of a head-scratcher, honestly. Their product pages are simple, no fireworks, yet they're still ranking higher than a giraffe's hat. It's like they found a secret SEO potion and just splashed it all over their website.

Even cooler, they're doing all of this without any fancy SEO tricks or crowded pages. They’re number one for "bamboo toilet paper" simply because they've made a name for themselves in the eco-friendly world. It might have started as just a humble roll of toilet paper, but now they're the Hollywood star at the SEO Oscars, taking home all the trophies.

So, what's the secret sauce? "Who Gives a Crap" has managed to spin their web wide across the globe, snagging attention from the UK to the USA. And it's not just about getting you to click; it's about keeping you there, showing you they care, and convincing you that your bum deserves the best.

Stay tuned as we keep unraveling the mystery of their success and what this down-to-earth brand can teach us about dominating the market. Trust me; it's a lesson worth learning.

Wrap Up

As we wrap up this deep dive into "Who Gives a Crap's" rollercoaster ride of marketing genius, it's clear that when it comes to marketing, even the simplest products can shine in the spotlight with the right strategies.

Let's flush out (pun fully intended) the key takeaways that can be a game-changer for your business:

Conclusion Takeaways:

  • Brand Personality: Stand out with a name and style that people won't forget. Make 'em laugh, make 'em think, and most importantly, make 'em remember you.
  • Native Advertising: Seamlessly integrate your product into popular platforms. Keep the user's experience uninterrupted and your product will be a natural choice.
  • Clear and Alluring Offers: Discounts and deals work wonders, especially when they're time-sensitive. Create urgency, and you create sales.
  • Visual Appeal: Don't underestimate the power of design. Colorful visuals can turn a bland product into a vibrant must-have.
  • SEO Mastery: Keep it simple but effective. You don’t need tricks when you’ve got solid, searchable content that organically brings consumers to you.
  • Cross-Media Marketing: Videos, social ads, influencer shout-outs – use them all. The more places you pop up, the more people you'll reach.
  • Concise Content: Keep your copy short and sweet to land the punch. Engage quickly, and people will stick around for more.

Before we part ways, remember that great marketing isn't about the volume of your budget; it's about the voice of your brand. Even the underdog products can rise to unbelievable heights with creativity, personality, and a little bit of humor.

Now it’s your turn. Take these nuggets of wisdom and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Make your mark with bravado, blend those strategies, and watch your brand grow.

Until next time, keep pushing the boundaries of what marketing can do. This is Jason Stogsdil, reminding you to keep it clever, keep it engaging, and always aim to make 'em give a crap. Signing off!