Billion-Dollar Lessons from a Fintech Upstart

Billion-Dollar Lessons from a Fintech Upstart

The ‘Secret’ Strategies That Put Them on the Investing Map

Published by: Team AdSkills
July 20, 2023

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Hey there, it’s Jason Stogsdill and today we're getting under the hood of Masterworks, the new kid on the block in the high-stakes world of art investing.

No fluff, no buzzwords. I'm here to serve you the juicy details, straight-up.

We're talking about the tactics that are turning heads and causing a buzz around Masterworks' fractional art investing platform.

Fractional art investing?

It's like the new cool kid in the investment world, and Masterworks is leading the pack. They're playing on our love for collecting, the thrill of scarcity, and our need to climb the social ladder to persuade investors that art could supercharge their investment game.

But to hit those sky-high returns, you gotta first find the right folks to join the ride. And that's exactly where Masterworks shines with their thorough, try-and-tweak marketing strategy.

Buckle up, we're about to get started!

The Banksy Bait: SEO Tricks that Hook Investors

Let’s take a tour of Masterworks' website - a shiny, slick machine that pulls you in from the get-go.

You see visuals that make you feel the potential power of art investing. They break down fractional art investing into bite-size, easy-to-understand pieces, right there on the front page, getting you ready to request an invite to their platform.

But don't let the good looks fool you - Masterworks has got some serious brains too, backed up by a ninja-level search engine optimization strategy.

They're owning the Google rankings for tons of hot art and investment keywords, thanks to a mix of website optimization and killer blog content.

Their blogs are hitting two targets: art fans googling big names like 'Banksy' and 'art investing', and wealthy investors eager to learn about celebs like Kevin O'Leary and their love for art collecting. Just type the name of a famous collector into Google, and boom - you land on a Masterworks blog post profiling their art collection and the fat returns it's raking in.

These SEO-savvy blogs are a winning move.

They're building Masterworks' rep as art and wealth whizzes while smoothly steering readers towards fractional investing. The blogs show that not just the mega-rich, but even everyday investors, can get a slice of the exciting world of alternative assets like art. And they wrap up by directing readers right back to the snazzy Masterworks website, all set to request an invite to their platform.

Masterworks has built a solid foundation with their super-optimized website and smartly targeted blog content.

They're pulling in big search engine traffic, and they're turning that traffic into top-notch leads and customers with their bold advertising and partnerships.

From Native to Advertorial: Masterworks' Ad Testing Frenzy

They're trying all sorts of digital formats and channels, testing them to the max, and hooking in new investors.

Now, native advertising?

That's their top dog.

Think ads that look and feel like articles, placed on finance sites and networks like Taboola. These ads blend right in with the rest of the content, but they're sharing Masterworks' own success stories. You get tales of big names like Oprah who've struck gold with fractional art investments.

Masterworks is also hitting hard with search ads on Google, YouTube, and more, using keywords about art, investing, and wealth. Their ads hitch a ride on the fame of artists like Banksy and Andy Warhol, catching the eye of art fans and selling fractional investment as a ticket to owning part of a masterpiece.

Advertising gets them noticed, sure. But turning viewers into leads, that's another game. And here's where Masterworks brings in advertorials, long articles that are also pretty ads.

These pieces read like stories from a magazine, profiling folks who've made a killing in art investing, then shifting the focus to Masterworks' platform and returns. They gently lead readers into considering fractional art investing as a real way to grow their wealth, before nudging them to "request an invite" to Masterworks.

Masterworks is pulling out all the stops with precisely targeted native and search ads and story-style advertorials. They're not shy about spending money to catch the eye of the exact investors they want. They're always testing and tweaking, ramping up their spending on channels that show promise and dropping ones that don't work.

What's the payoff?

A steady stream of inventive and curiosity-piquing ads that keep Masterworks at the front of the minds of a bunch of well-off art enthusiasts.

When 135K Subs Promote You: Leveraging Big YouTube Audiences

Masterworks, though having a somewhat small YouTube following themselves, is capitalizing big on other YouTube channels and podcasts.

They're smartly using what Pete Vargas calls "the stages effect."  

Here's how it works: the CEO of Masterworks gets a guest spot - almost like an expert resident - on channels and shows hosted by influencers who already have big followings.

Whether it's a mega business channel like CNBC with millions of subscribers or a smaller, specialized finance podcast, the CEO is there, subtly selling Masterworks' platform while presenting himself as a big shot in alternative assets.

Instead of forking out big money to build their own following from zero, Masterworks takes a shortcut.

They piggyback on the trust and credibility other publishers have built. It's like they're tapping into the audience of established influencers, spreading the word about fractional art investing - and Masterworks as a trailblazer - to millions who already look up to those influencers as experts.

This smart strategy extends to Masterworks' affiliate program, too.

While their own paid ads create new links, their affiliate partners strengthen ties with people already inclined to trust them. People like popular YouTube creator Logan Alec, who plugs Masterworks to his whopping audience of over 135K subscribers.  

Instead of battling for attention, Masterworks is riding on the credibility established by others, amplifying its marketing message with a big boom. Rather than doing all the heavy lifting themselves, they share the work of teaching and promoting with a network of affiliates and media partners.

In a nutshell, Masterworks' approach to partnerships and affiliates echoes the strategy that powers their entire platform: grouping resources to reach returns bigger than the individual parts. With this smart teamwork, they turbocharge the impact of their marketing spending - and lay the groundwork for the higher returns they promise their own investors.

Beyond Google: The Niche Ad Networks That Found Masterworks' Best Prospects

Sure, platforms like Meta and Google offer Masterworks a big crowd, but they also throw them in front of folks who may not exactly fit the bill of their ideal investor.

So, what does Masterworks do?

Well, they don't put all their eggs in one basket. Besides the big boys, they also plug their ads on niche financial networks that pinpoint the folks they're really after: risk-takers with extra cash who are certified investors.

They've got networks like Dianomi and Money Made, which pair fintech advertisers with high-interest users on a select list of finance and investing websites. Just with Money Made, Masterworks can reach 10 million US fintech users each month - and a hefty 22% of them are certified investors.

By linking up with these smaller, but highly focused ad networks, Masterworks makes sure every dollar they spend on promotion is hitting the mark. They're connecting with the precise group of investors who stand to gain the most from fractional art investments: people already in the know about alternative assets and hungry for fresh alternatives beyond the usual stocks, bonds, and real estate.

While platforms like Google and Facebook give Masterworks a huge reach, they're also a bit of a mixed bag. Not every dollar spent hits the jackpot, reaching the high-rolling early adopters who are exactly Masterworks' type.

But by spicing up their mainstream spend with specific placements across networks that are all about finance and investing, Masterworks fine-tunes their approach. They go all in on niche channels that offer the best conversions and bang for their buck - channels that cater to the very folks for whom Masterworks' fractional art platform is a can't-miss opportunity.

Masterworks doesn't mess around - they test aggressively and optimize like there's no tomorrow.

They've fine-tuned a multi-faceted digital marketing approach that weaves together advertising, SEO, affiliates, and industry know-how to reach - and win over - the investors who are most likely to supercharge their platform's potential returns.

Wrap Up

Masterworks have a smart-as-a-whip strategy, using everything from SEO to ads to partnerships to shout from the rooftops about fractional art investing.

They're ace at fine-tuning every step of the marketing game, from grabbing attention on search engines to transforming potential customers into actual ones. By adding targeted placements on specific ad networks to their large-scale campaigns on platforms like Google, they're making sure they're talking straight to the high-rolling investors who stand to gain big from their platform.

So, what should you walk away with from this deep dive?

  • Test, test, test! Throw your net wide across channels, doubling down where you see the big bucks and ditching what isn't working quickly.
  • Borrow the trust and audience pull of influencers, affiliates, and partners by establishing yourself as an expert who's got something worthwhile to bring to the table.
  • Mix up large-scale advertising with targeted placements that hone in on the folks you really want to attract, fine-tuning your customer funnel for the best conversions.  
  • Stack up tactics like SEO and advertorials that not only position you as the authority but also gently push readers towards what you're offering.
  • Above all, take a leaf out of Masterworks' book: diversify your marketing tactics, spreading the risk across plenty of channels and formats in the hunt for the big win.

In the hotly contested world of fintech and alternative assets, Masterworks shows us that a go-getter marketing strategy - one that's not afraid to experiment and leans into expertise - gives you the best shot at safeguarding your growth in the future.

Now it's your turn to put your marketing hat on and start testing!

Catch up with me next time and spill the beans on the lessons you've learned from your own brave marketing experiments. Meanwhile, I'll be on the lookout for the next growth story full of gems to share.

Thanks for joining me today, and I'll catch you in the next one!

Jason Stogsdill ✌️