Convertkit’s Genius Marketing Playbook: Justin Brooke Breaks It Down

Convertkit’s Genius Marketing Playbook: Justin Brooke Breaks It Down

Unveiling the Genius Marketing Tactics of Convertkit: Insights and Strategies

Published by: Team AdSkills
May 22, 2023

Hey there!

Justin Brooke here, and today we're going to talk about Convertkit, an email marketing platform specifically designed for creators like bloggers, YouTubers, and online course sellers.

The purpose of this deep dive is to really get into the nitty-gritty of Convertkit's marketing strategy, so we can learn from their successes and pinpoint areas for improvement.

In this post, we're going to cover Convertkit's approach to content creation, retargeting, SEO, and paid search.

Buckle up, because we're about to take a journey into the world of creator-focused email marketing!

Convertkit’s Winning Content Marketing Blueprint

Alright, so let's plunge headfirst into Convertkit's content creation master plan.

One of the things they've absolutely nailed is zeroing in on their customer avatar: trailblazing creators such as YouTubers, bloggers, and online course sellers. This razor-sharp focus on their target audience empowers them to craft content that strikes a chord with their potential users.

What Convertkit pulls off with flair is whipping up blog posts, tutorials, and how-to guides that unravel mysteries and offer solutions for their target customers.

By tackling the hurdles and challenges of creators, Convertkit can forge an unbreakable bond with their audience, making them more likely to take their platform for a spin and rave about it to others.

The golden nugget here is the vital importance of pinpointing your customer avatar to concoct a marketing strategy that packs a punch.

When you know precisely who you're speaking to, it's a breeze to create content that will resonate with them, turbocharging your marketing efforts to new heights.

The Secret Sauce That Leaves Competitors in the Dust

Alright, now let's delve into Convertkit's master plan when it comes to paid search.

They've got an intriguing game plan unfolding here, and honestly, it's pure genius, if you ask me.

One of the things they're pulling off is honing in on brand search keywords, encompassing a whole array of misspellings of their brand name. This clever tactic helps them snatch up more traffic from folks who may have caught wind of them, but can't quite nail their spelling. Brilliant, right?

Another savvy angle they're pursuing is deploying Google Ads to target those tantalizing "make money online" keywords. This is a wickedly smart move because it helps them zero in on their target audience, those ambitious creators seeking to cash in on their passions and scale their ventures. By targeting these keywords, Convertkit can thrust their platform into the limelight for the people who crave it most.

And here's something else they're pulling off that's downright fascinating: advertising on other people's newsletters. This strategy is a stroke of genius for an email marketing platform, as it enables them to flaunt their product in the very medium it's crafted for.

On top of that, it's an exceptional way to get up close and personal with their target audience—creators who are already harnessing newsletters to bond with their followers.

All things considered, Convertkit's paid search strategy is meticulously planned and laser-focused, squeezing every ounce of value from their marketing budget to connect with the people who stand to gain the most from their platform.

Is Convertkit Quietly Turning Facebook Ads into Marketing Gold?

Alright, it's time to look at Convertkit's retargeting game plan on Facebook.

From what I've scoped out, there aren't heaps of Facebook ads churning for Convertkit, but that doesn't mean they're not squeezing every drop of potential from their presence on the platform.

In fact, they seem to be zeroing in on remarketing ads aimed at prior visitors to their website. This is a wickedly smart move because it keeps them fresh in the minds of people who've already shown a taste for their platform.

But hey, there's always room to crank it up a notch, right?

One thing I've spotted is that they don't seem to be dabbling in split testing their ad images.

Split testing is a potent technique capable of supercharging ad performance by pinpointing which images strike a chord with your target audience. By testing diverse variations of ad images, Convertkit could potentially score better outcomes and make their retargeting efforts even more of a powerhouse.

Convertkit’s Social Media Presence is Just The Tip of the Iceberg

Alright, let's plunge into Convertkit's presence across social media hotspots like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

When sizing up their engagement across these platforms, it's evident that there's a goldmine of untapped potential. Sure, they've racked up a hefty number of followers, but they're not reeling in the kind of engagement you'd expect from a brand flexing their reach.

The lackluster engagement hints that Convertkit could use a more laser-focused social media strategy. Instead of stretching themselves thin trying to dominate every platform, they'd benefit from honing in on a select few where their target audience is buzzing. This would allow them to channel more time and resources into crafting high-impact, engaging content that strikes a chord with their followers.

There's a slew of upgrades Convertkit could make to supercharge their social media engagement.

For starters, they should amp up their game in replying to customer comments and inquiries. Engaging with their audience broadcasts that the company cherishes their feedback and is invested in their experience.

Next up, Convertkit should sidestep mass blasting tactics that involve plastering the same content across all platforms. Instead, they should customize their content to suit the unique quirks and audience vibes of each platform.

While Convertkit has a noteworthy social media presence, they could be squeezing more juice from it to maximize engagement and connect with their audience on a deeper level. By zeroing in on a few key platforms, replying to customer comments, and dodging mass blasting strategies, Convertkit has the potential to turbocharge their social media performance and, ultimately, their overall marketing triumphs.

How Convertkit Can Unleash Their YouTube To Its Full Potential

Alright, now let's crank up the spotlight on Convertkit's YouTube strategy.

It's crystal clear that their crown jewel content takes the form of captivating docuseries. These videos plunge into the lives and ventures of thriving creators, showering their target audience with a downpour of inspiration and insight.

However, when sizing up the overall view counts on their other videos, it's apparent that there's a mountain of untapped potential. Many of their videos are barely scraping by, leaving them with view counts that pale in comparison to their subscriber base.

So, what moves can Convertkit make to amp up engagement on their YouTube channel?

Here's a handful of power-packed suggestions:

  1. Play with different video formats: While the docuseries is a knockout content format, Convertkit should venture into other video styles that might strike a chord with their audience. This could include how-to videos, backstage peeks, or interviews with trailblazing creators in their niche.
  2. Optimize video titles and descriptions: Making sure video titles and descriptions are search-optimized can help crank up visibility and reel in more viewers. Convertkit should scout out keywords that resonate with their target audience and weave them into their titles and descriptions.
  3. Engage with viewers in the comments: Just like on other social media battlegrounds, engaging with viewers in the comments section can help supercharge engagement and cultivate a sense of community. Convertkit should go all-in on responding to questions and comments, as well as urging viewers to share their thoughts and experiences.
  4. Catapult their YouTube content onto other platforms: Convertkit can harness the power of their existing audience on other social media hubs to drive a tidal wave of traffic to their YouTube channel. By launching YouTube content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they can rally their followers to check out their videos and hit that subscribe button.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, Convertkit has laid a rock-solid foundation with their content creation, retargeting, SEO, and paid search endeavors. However, by relentlessly refining their marketing strategy and making enhancements in areas like social media and YouTube, Convertkit can soar to new heights and keep shining as a top-notch email marketing platform for creators.

And there you have it, folks! I hope this deep dive into Convertkit's marketing strategy fired you up. I'm Justin Brooke from, and I'll see you on the flip side!