I Analyzed Chuck Norris’ Crazy Supplement Company and This Is What I Found!

I Analyzed Chuck Norris’ Crazy Supplement Company and This Is What I Found!

A full analysis of the marketing of Chuck Norris' supplement brand Roundhouse Provisions.

Published by: Team AdSkills
September 6, 2023

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Hey everyone, it's Jason Stogsdill here and welcome to another edition of The Edge. Today we'll be doing a full analysis of the marketing of Chuck Norris' supplement brand Roundhouse Provisions.

When I came across an ad for Roundhouse Provisions featuring the legendary Chuck Norris, I was immediately intrigued. Chuck Norris is an icon, so seeing him endorse a health product at 83 years old demanded further investigation.

We'll take a deep dive into everything this company is doing from their websites and branding, to paid traffic, organic search and more. My goal is to provide full transparency so we can all learn what they're doing right and how they're marketing this unique product effectively to their target audience.

By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of their overall marketing strategy and where they may have opportunities to improve.

So without further delay, let's get into it!

Tapping Into The Fountain Of Fitness That Is Chuck Norris

Roundhouse Provisions' main product is a supplement called Morning Kick that is endorsed by Chuck Norris himself. According to their marketing, Morning Kick contains ingredients that give Chuck Norris more energy in his 80s by supporting digestion, strength and overall health.

Their overall marketing strategy revolves around leveraging Chuck Norris' name recognition and fitness reputation. At 83 years old, Norris is still incredibly active and in great shape. So seeing him promote a product that allegedly allows him similar health and strength in his advanced age piques people's curiosity.

To capture this curiosity, they run various ads like videos of Norris discussing Morning Kick. They then direct people to a longer video sales letter explaining the product's benefits. This helps educate prospects and sell them on Morning Kick's ability to provide Norris-like wellness.

In addition to paid ads, they've developed multiple websites for different purposes.

Their main Roundhouse Provisions store sells additional products. They also use uniquely branded domains for specific marketing campaigns.

By leveraging Chuck Norris and focusing buyers through targeted ads and video sales funnels, Roundhouse Provisions effectively spark interest in their supplement brand and convert prospects into customers.

When Branding Breaks Out Its Black Belt

Let's take a closer look at their website execution and branding.

Starting with, I'm impressed by their visual branding. Featuring Norris prominently with bold colors creates a professional impression. The site works well as an online store where potential customers can browse products.

What I like most is how they created separate websites specifically for marketing purposes. For example, their domain hosts video sales letters designed to capture leads. And they've branded additional domains around product names for targeted campaigns.

This level of strategic segmentation allows them to have dedicated marketing and shopping experiences. The store complements top-of-funnel advertising efforts nicely.

Admittedly, their sites could provide more educational content to build authority. is lightweight on info. And I saw room to optimize product pages for search.

However, for a new company, their branding and domain setup lays a solid foundation. Segmenting sites serves both inquiries and transactions well. With content additions, they can further enhance the customer experience.

Their execution shows thought was put into crafting a professional presence across domains.

Testing Ads That Deliver The One-Inch Punch

Now it's time to analyze Roundhouse Provisions' paid traffic efforts. When exploring their domains in AdBeat and examining the creative assets, there's a lot I like about their advertising execution.

They're leveraging Chuck Norris' name recognition through branded keywords and personalized ads featuring him talking about the product. One ad in particular stood out - a still shot from a video sales letter that looked dynamic and engaging.

I also appreciated how one YouTube ad I saw essentially used their entire VSL as the commercial. While YouTube has tighter format restrictions now, employing this tactic elsewhere could still convert well.

Diving into the metrics, we can see they're driving substantial traffic volumes considering being a fairly new business. And their smart domain segmentation allows granular tracking and optimized campaigns.

Of course, no strategy is perfect.

I noticed heavy focus on branded terms versus broader keywords. They could likely expand by exploring related interest themes.

Additionally, while older demographics featured prominently in traffic, UGC ads showed mostly younger faces. Tapping influential elder influencers could strengthen credibility.

Overall, Roundhouse Provisions demonstrates solid paid marketing acumen. Fine-tuning keyword strategies and representative creative can help them take it to the next level. But they have the right ideas in play for driving desired audiences.

Sweeping Up Long Tail Keywords Like Grandmaster Norris

When exploring their top organic keywords, I was pleased to see they're ranking well for branded terms through continual advertising and link building.

However, digging deeper revealed opportunity. One of their biggest non-branded keywords is "emergency food supply", which surprisingly, they're only optimized to rank 33rd for!

Their emergency food supply page looked sparse on content, lacking optimization potential. This showed me they could leverage more long-tail niche keywords within their industry.  

A targeted blog post thoroughly covering that topic could have propelled them higher in search - and brought in many qualified visitors from the 8,000+ monthly searches. More informative content across their websites would scaffold links and authority too.

Their paid keyword strategies also centered mostly on brands versus expanded commercial intents. I believe diversifying here could yield untapped search traffic as well.

While Roundhouse Provisions clearly drives success paid currently, prioritizing on-page optimizations and content creation lays the groundwork for powerful organic growth over the long run too. As always, there are opportunities if they are willing to expand their efforts.

Nurturing Channels To Win By Points

Let's take a moment to discuss some key opportunities for Roundhouse Provisions to take their marketing performance to the next level.

First off, doubling down on content creation will pay huge dividends. Populating their websites with helpful guides and industry topics strengthens their expertise in the eyes of search engines and customers alike.

Deepening their search keyword strategies to target more commercial long-tail terms and intent also opens new traffic streams. Their paid keyword approach leaves room to expand awareness.

Leveraging more elder influencers in user-generated creative could strengthen authenticity when selling to older audiences. Representation matters here.

Testing bespoke landing pages designed specifically around segmented ad campaigns holds promise. Currently their funnels could be optimized.

Plus, engaging with their YouTube and social audiences through regular updates keeps them top-of-mind. Remarketing, retargeting and repeats should scale over time.

Overall, Roundhouse Provisions shows strong initial foundations. Committing further to content, search skills and multi-channel nurturing practices promises continued above-average growth. Their brand has tremendous disruptive potential when fully realized.

Eager to see how they evolve their game in coming years. This brand bears watching for continued marketing excellence. There's always room left to improve - and opportunities waiting to be seized.

Wrap Up

Roundhouse Provisions provides an excellent case study in effective celebrity endorsement and direct response marketing tactics.

Some key takeaways:

  • Leverage niche interests and influencer credibility to drive curiosity and capture attention
  • Strategically segment domains for dedicated lead generation and transactional experiences
  • Optimize creative testing through representative UGC, still frames from VSLs and adaptable formats
  • Drive top-of-funnel awareness through paid search and scale bottom-funnel conversions
  • Lay foundations for long-term organic success by producing educational on-site content

Overall, their branding, marketing channels and creative-testing acumen showcase how to effectively monetize an in-demand product. With continued optimization, Roundhouse Provisions is poised for sustained growth serving health-minded audiences.

Thanks for following along everyone! Let me know if you have any other questions.

As always, thanks for watching and stay tuned for more breakdowns coming soon!

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Jason Stogsdill