Master Lessons from a 1.5 Million-Click Affiliate Campaign

Master Lessons from a 1.5 Million-Click Affiliate Campaign

Discover the Insider Strategies and Innovative Tactics that Drove the Traffic Phenomenon at

Published by: Team AdSkills
November 30, 2023

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If you've ever tried affiliate marketing, you know it can be tough to make it work. Lots of things have to come together - the offer, the traffic, the creative. Miss one piece and your campaign goes nowhere.

But when you get ALL those pieces working, an affiliate campaign can make some serious bank.

Like over 1.5 million clicks and dollars flooding into your account.

That's what happened for the guys behind I stumbled on one of their ads, liked what I saw, and decided to dig into their affiliate campaign.

What I uncovered is a MASTERCLASS in affiliate promotions. Everything from the advertorials they created to the traffic sources and even the offers show top level skills.

In the rest of this post, I'll break down exactly how they put the pieces together. My goal is for you to discover new ideas you can model to build your own killer campaigns!

Affiliate Campaign Overview

Let's start with talking about the enticing advertorial landing page of ExpertsInMoney. You won't even realize you're looking at an ad. What you'll see is an image that looks amazingly familiar, like something seen in the neighborhood, nothing like those generic stock photos.

The headline doesn't scream for your attention, it smoothly captures it, and before you know it, you're hooked: "US homeowners are finding huge savings on new home insurance system."

Are you picturing older homeowners? You got it. They really hit the bullseye with their target audience. Remember they clearly mentioned, "if you were born before 1997", and that makes perfect sense. After all, who's more interested in home insurance than individuals with homes of their own?

Their landing page doesn't just present their new insurance system; it also explains you can cancel your current policy hassle-free. Smart strategy! It takes off any bridle the homeowners might feel.

The call to action isn't selling, but enticing you further: "Find Out How Much You Could Save." Brilliant! No wonder they raked in 1.5 million clicks! This reaffirms that properly executed plans are basically money printers.

Campaign Performance: Scorecards Revealed

Running an affiliate campaign requires guts and determination, and guess what pays off? Clicks, my friends, clicks! And knows a thing or two about that!

Their campaign has racked up a staggering 1.5 million clicks in a mere three months! Not a typo, folks. That's seven-figure click throughs! It's not your everyday success story but one that screams triumph from the rooftops.

The ExpertsInMoney and their campaign weren't just shooting arrows in the dark; they knew their target. A whopping 99.9% of their traffic was sourced from within the United States. It makes sense because they were offering a solution that appealed to US homeowners. This precision targeting played a significant role in netting those 1.5 million clicks.

Here's the kicker - their strategy wasn’t divided between search ads and display ads. They were fully vested in display and native ads. And boy, did it pay off! They overcame the challenge of having their native ads interpreted as display ads by similar web, proving that when it comes to affiliate marketing, not all roads lead to search ads. Sometimes, the less-traveled path of relying solely on display or native ads can lead to the pot of gold!

In essence, squeezed every drop of performance out of their well-executed campaign! It's a perfect showcase of how a blend of intriguing advertorials, precise market targeting, and effective use of display and native ads can lead to affiliate marketing victory.

Traffic Sources: Pathways to Prosperity

Where's all this traffic coming from, you ask? Buckle up, because it's time for a deep dive into the traffic sources that pushed's campaign into the limelight.

First up, we have an MVP - Taboola. Not familiar with this platform? It's a goldmine for advertisers and constituted a whopping 50% of their entire traffic source. Talk about a game-changer!

But their approach wasn't one dimensional. Yahoo too chipped in with a substantial 33% of the total traffic. Another significant accomplice was Outbrain, further testifying to the power of diversifying your traffic strategy.

But there was an intriguing twist in the tale. Dealing chiefly with native and display ads, they also tapped into a forgotten treasure trove of traffic - AOL, one of the historical giants of the internet, proving the old adage, "old is gold."

The story gets even interesting as we skim to the bottom of their advertising strategy. Their prime focus was native advertising, specifically on high-traffic news sites like MSN, Fox News and Yahoo. Who knew news sites could play a starring role in affiliate campaigns?

And you thought dominating a single traffic source was tough enough, huh? just schooled us on how to capitalize on multiple established players while also unearthing forgotten yet valuable resources. It's time to expand your traffic playbook!

Top Publishing Partners: Alliance of Titans

One of the key secrets behind the killer success of's campaign was their choice of publishing partners. Let me tell you, these guys have set some high standards!

Their strategic selection of publishers wasn't random but a lineup of the big leagues in the native advertising arena. AOL, you might remember as the cool kid on the block from "You've got mail!" days, was among them. This just proves the point - old players might be down, but they're definitely not out!

Yahoo and MSN made the cut too. I mean, who hasn't spent time being absorbed by these giants' content? Tapping into these traffic monsters was a stroke of genius by the team.

The real MVP, though, was Fox News. Yes, this global news empire was a key part of their strategy. If you can crack the code and get your ad to perform here, you’ve scored a homerun. They are the playground of the big hitters, with some campaigns spending millions per month!

So, if your next campaign can pass the Fox News, CNN, and MSN test, brace yourself, my friend, because a high tide of traffic could be heading your way. The finale? When you reach the top with these publishing partners, the only way traffic goes is UP!

Remember, when it comes to reaching your audience, don't focus on the new and shiny - sometimes, the classics are there for a reason!

Experimenting with Offers: The Game-Changer

Ever wondered how the big players in marketing stay on top? Spoiler alert: they're not afraid to mix things up!

The brilliant minds behind didn't just stick to a single offer. Oh no, these guys were playing the field and testing the water with multiple offers. The goal? To identify what really clicks with their customers.

Not only did they have a lander for home insurance, but they also experimented with ads featuring various tantalizing nuggets like "One simple trick to cut your electric bill by 90%." Can you imagine the curiosity that piques in the viewer's mind?

And there's even a cool trick they used to make their ads more personal and attractive. Wondering what it is? It’s the magic of Dynamic State Insertion. This ensures their ads change according to the user's location. So if you're in Oregon, the ad will shout out "Oregon residents". Feels more tailor-made, doesn't it?

The strategy here was all about finding the best hook for each audience segment. You see, marketing isn't just about throwing out a net and hoping to catch a big fish. It's about crafting the right bait for the right fish.

This approach of offer testing is a secret sauce behind the success of the campaign. Because when you continue to test, refine, and innovate, your campaign keeps improving. And that, my friends, is how you stay ahead in the marketing game. It's time to embrace change and start experimenting!

Wrap Up

After navigating through the nitty-gritty details of the affiliate campaign powerhouse, it's time to culminate what we've learned into a roadmap for your destined success.

Here are some key takeaways to enhance your own affiliate marketing strategies:

  • Advertorials can be goldmines: An engaging and well-written advertorial can have a dramatic impact on conversions, so make it relatable and interesting to grab that attention.
  • Know your audience: Target your campaign towards a specific demographic. Remember, trying to appeal to everybody often means reaching nobody.
  • Embrace tried and true platforms: Diversify your traffic sources and don't be afraid to tap into established platforms, even if they’re deemed "traditional."
  • Big publishers, big gains: Major news websites can be your golden goose when it comes to getting that coveted traffic rolling in.
  • Test, Test, Test: Never be content with your first offer. Keep experimenting and refining until you find the ever-elusive, perfect match for your audience.

Now it's time to take these lessons and blow your own affiliate marketing campaign out of the water, taking inspiration from the strategies that put on the digital map. Are you ready to step up your game?

Write your own success story, one campaign at a time. Remember, the only limit to your success is your own imagination.

Signing off,
Jason Stogsdill