[Must Read] How This $300MM Company CRUSHES Medical eCommerce

[Must Read] How This $300MM Company CRUSHES Medical eCommerce

Steal This Marketing Playbook For Yourself

Published by: Team AdSkills
September 27, 2023

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In the world of online marketing, standing out from the crowd is essential. With so many brands competing for attention, creating a website and campaigns that instantly grab your ideal customer is key.

One company that's doing this really well right now in the healthcare sphere is As an innovative online retailer selling hearing aids direct-to-consumer, they've honed their marketing strategy down to a science.

In this post, we're going to do a deep dive into their website, landing pages, advertising and more. By looking under the hood of their marketing machine, we'll uncover exactly how is attracting, engaging and converting potential customers.

The tactics and strategies we observe can serve as an inspiration for any ecommerce brand looking to boost their own marketing results. When it comes to driving sales in the digital age, has a lot of smart lessons to teach us.

Let's get started!

Optimizing First Impressions: Homepage Lessons

The homepage is like the front door to your website - make a great first impression here, and customers will walk right in.

For, the homepage sets the stage for their marketing strategy. Some of the key elements that make it impactful include:

  • Hero Image and Call-to-Action Buttons: Right at the top, features a large image of a healthcare professional placing a hearing aid. This builds credibility and speaks directly to their target audience. Under the image are two high-contrast call-to-action buttons - one for a free guide, one to take a hearing test. This makes it easy for prospects to immediately take the next step.
  • Product Credibility Logos: Logos from recognized brands like Forbes and WebMD are strategically placed to help establish trust in 
  • Customer Testimonials and Proof Elements: Further down are video testimonials and a wall of positive customer ratings from sources like Google and TrustPilot. Social proof is essential, especially for a healthcare purchase.
  • Contact Information: smartly features their phone number prominently at the bottom. Many visitors want to speak to a real person when assessing options.

Overall, the homepage checks all the boxes when it comes to approachable design, clear messaging, credibility building and calls-to-action. It ushers visitors smoothly into the funnel.

Dissecting Their Engaging Landing Page Approach

In addition to the homepage, is driving traffic to advertorial-style landing pages. These read like articles, but subtly promote the brand's products.

One example takes an innovative storytelling approach, profiling the founders and technology behind By positioning them as underdogs disrupting the industry, it piques interest while building up the capabilities of the hearing aids.

Other key aspects of their advertorial pages include:

  • Product Imagery: Photos and gifs showing the small, sleek design of the hearing aids. This is ultra-important for demonstrating value.
  • Targeted State Selector: A map letting visitors browse's services by location. It caters to those ready to take action.
  • Linkouts to Related Content: Scrolling down reveals additional advertorial articles, perfect for visitors who want to read more.

Overall, these pages move beyond a static sales pitch to create an informative, engaging resource. The storytelling elements help visitors connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Casting a Wide Net: Diversifying Traffic Sources

To gain visibility, has done a great job of securing traffic through multiple online channels.

Looking at SimilarWeb data, we can break down their sources:

  • Traffic Breakdown by Channel: The bulk comes from display advertising (29.5%) and organic search (34.4%). Paid search accounts for a lower 7.48%.
  • Top Organic Keywords and Rankings: ranks well for branded terms but has also cracked keywords like "audiologists near me" - critical for localization.
  • Paid Search Terms and Landing Pages: They bid on very targeted phrases like "hearing aids online." The landing pages feature lean, focused content to convert these high-intent visitors.

Diversifying traffic sources mitigates risk and drives volume.'s channel mix ensures their message reaches audiences at multiple touchpoints throughout the buyer's journey.

The strategic approach pays off with nearly 35K monthly organic visitors and over 23K backlinks pointing the way. By focusing on visibility and relevance, they pull in their ideal audiences.

Where and How They Spend Their Media Budget

To amplify their messaging, invests heavily in paid advertising.

Looking at recent spend history on Adbeat, we can see:

  • Ad Spend Overview: They've spent a significant budget across native advertising channels like Taboola.
  • Top Native Ads: The creatives showcase the hearing aids through simple, relevant images and headlines. For example, one ad highlights "Powerful German Hearing Aids Crushing the Market."
  • Ad Copy and Imagery: The ads focus directly on the product benefits and uniqueness. The visuals depict the aids seamlessly and stylishly.  

This advertising provides continual exposure to those searching for solutions. The ads capture attention with interesting angles tailored to the target audience. strikes the right balance between informative content and compelling offers. Their ads speak directly to customer needs and pain points.

By analyzing their advertising approach, we can extract smart principles on positioning products through paid channels. provides a blueprint for promoting healthcare offerings in the digital sphere.

Wrap Up

  • Lead with a strong, benefit-focused headline and hero image
  • Build trust and credibility early through logos, testimonials and proof elements
  • Guide visitors into a conversion path with prominent calls-to-action  
  • Tell a story and make an emotional connection on landing pages
  • Diversify traffic sources to reach wider audiences
  • Bid on targeted keywords that attract high-intent visitors
  • Test different ad creatives and landing pages for optimal performance provides an excellent blueprint for any healthcare brand looking to boost their marketing results. Their data-driven, customer-focused approach delivers tangible returns across channels. Hopefully these insights can inspire your own online campaigns!

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