Justin Brooke Reveals The $100MM Hormozi Marketing Blueprint

Justin Brooke Reveals The $100MM Hormozi Marketing Blueprint

How he built a $100M business and gained millions of raving fans.

Published by: Team AdSkills
June 16, 2023

I'm about to share with you the real secrets behind Alex Hormozi's meteoric success. Forget the fluff and generic "just post more content" advice - these strategies are proven, actionable, and will start driving results fast.  

If you've been struggling to gain traction online, feel like you've tried everything, and are frustrated with the lack of clarity around what really works today, this is for you. I've analyzed Alex's marketing tactics inside and out. What I uncovered will change the way you think about building an audience and skyrocketing your traffic.

Alex Hormozi is the definition of authority and influence in the social media realm. Over the past few years, he's built a $100M business and gained millions of followers across platforms. A quarter million people search for him on Google each and every month. Those are the kinds of numbers most marketers only dream of.

Here's the reality - Alex isn't just another "social media guru." He's not rehashing the same tired advice. What he's done to achieve this level of success is pure genius. After diving deep into his strategies, I now understand why his content and offers gain so much traction. He's cracked the code on leveraging SEO and social media to build a real, responsive, and raving audience.

If you implement even one of the strategies I'm about to share, you'll gain more traffic and followers this month than in the past year combined. But you have to pay close attention, take action quickly, and commit to continual optimization. The world of online marketing is harsh and fast-paced. Only those willing to do what it takes to skyrocket their SEO and build a true connection with their audience will thrive.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Buckle up, open your mind, and let's get started.

These strategies are the real deal.

Strategy #1: Become the Solution to Their Problem

The biggest mistake I see most entrepreneurs and marketers make is being too broad in their targeting. They have a vague idea of who their "audience" is but no real clarity around what specific pain or frustration that audience is dealing with. Without that razor-sharp focus, you'll never achieve the results you want.

Alex Hormozi built his entire brand around addressing one intense audience need - "I'm broke, what should I do?". He zeroed in on people struggling financially and looking for answers. All of his content, offers, and messaging specifically tackle that pain point. And in doing so, he's gained millions of followers and built a $100M business.

That level of focus and optimization is how real authority and influence are built today. The wider you cast your net, the less you're really helping anyone. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Niche down and become the solution to your audience's biggest problem.  

So how do you find your audience's pain point? Get to know them inside and out. Conduct surveys and interviews. Scour reviews and comments to identify common frustrations. Once you uncover that burning need, build your entire SEO and marketing strategy around relieving it.

Rewrite homepage copy, blog posts, social media captions to directly address that pain point. Shoot video and podcast content laser-focused on providing value and solutions to your audience. Alex's "I'm broke, what should I do?" is a perfect example. That single piece of content likely gained him millions of views and followers because it spoke directly to what people were desperately searching for.

When you nail this strategy, you'll gain the traction and results most marketers only dream of. An audience with a painful problem to be solved will become raving fans when you meet them with the solutions they need. If you provide tremendous value, they'll keep coming back and telling others. That's how you build a real, responsive, and long-term following.

Stop the generic, broad-based marketing that leads to crickets. Zero in on your audience's biggest pain point and become the solution they can't live without. That's how Alex did it, and that's how you'll do it too.

Strategy #2: Want More Traffic? Then Publish Like Your Business Depends On It. (Because It Does)

If you want to gain traction and skyrocket your traffic, you need to start posting like your business depends on it - because it does.

The more content you publish, the more traffic, followers, and engagement you'll get. That's not wishful thinking, that's a proven fact.

Alex Hormozi posts multiple times per day on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. While the rest of us are struggling to post a few times a week, this guy is putting out content constantly. And as a result, he's gained millions of followers and built a world-class brand.

The truth is, people only pay attention to and connect with content creators who are consistently showing up in their feeds. If you barely post, you won't make much of an impression or build a real relationship with your audience. But by flooding social media with high-quality, helpful content multiple times per day, you'll gain mindshare fast.

So how do you ramp up to publishing multiple posts per day without sacrificing quality? You have to look for ways to repurpose content. Break up longer video and blog posts into shorter clips and snippets perfect for social media. That's what Alex does - he reuses footage from his speaking engagements and chops it up into bite-sized content for Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Don't feel like you have to create something new from scratch for each post. Repackage what you already have in new ways. And keep in mind that not all content has to be long or in-depth. Engaging with your audience by posting quotes, questions, behind-the-scenes footage or thoughts on trending topics are all great ways to increase your velocity.

The bottom line: if you're only posting a few times per week right now, you'll never build real authority or gain massive traffic. Aim for 3 to 5 high-value social media posts per day, 6 days a week. Be authentic, provide tremendous value, and engage with your followers. Consistency compounds and more content means more opportunities for people to find you.  

If you make this strategy a priority, your traffic and following will skyrocket within the next 30 days. But you have to take action now. Stop spinning your wheels and start gaining momentum by ramping up your content velocity immediately. The competition isn't sleeping, and neither should you.

It's time to go all-in, take your posting frequency to the next level, and start building an audience that pays attention.

Strategy #3: The Power of One Direction

The biggest mistake I see marketers make is overwhelming their audience with too many choices. Don't dilute your messaging by promoting multiple offers, links, and CTAs. You need to give people one clear path to take action.

Alex Hormozi's website,, has a single lead generation form. That's the only CTA. All of his social media activity and content marketing point people to that one page to fill out that one form. By keeping things laser-focused, he gains high-quality, targeted traffic and leads.

Trying to serve too many masters will only lead to confusion and inaction on your audience's part. You need to decide on your top priority - do you want people to book a call, buy a product, join your email list or something else? Choose one main CTA and drive 100% of your marketing efforts toward leading people to take that action.  

The key is staying focused on building momentum and gaining mindshare. When you achieve that, you'll have built up enough trust and authority to introduce additional offers and CTAs. But in the beginning, less is more. Give your audience one, crystal-clear way to engage with your business. Make that path as simple and straightforward as possible.

Once you've identified your top CTA, scrutinize your website and social media profiles. Remove or de-emphasize any competing CTAs to avoid distraction or confusion. Your homepage hero, blog posts, video descriptions, and social media bios should all contain a single, strong call-to-action.

When you drive all of your marketing efforts toward one end result, you gain targeted traffic that is primed to take action. Sending people in multiple directions will only lead to frustration and inaction on their part. Giving your audience a simple, clear path to follow is the key to high-quality leads and sales.  

If you have too many CTAs and offers right now, it's time to streamline. Decide what result or action matters most and direct all messaging and links exclusively to that. Remove any competing calls-to-action to create a simple, straightforward user experience. Your traffic, leads and sales depend on it.

By simplifying your messaging and focusing on one key CTA, you'll gain higher-quality traffic and better results immediately. Stop confusing your audience and start guiding them toward your top priority, whether it's signing up for your email list, booking a call or making a purchase. When you achieve laser-focus, the rest will fall into place.

Wrap Up

Alex Hormozi is a master of leverage social media and SEO to gain real authority and build a raving, responsive audience. By analyzing his strategies, I uncovered the secrets behind how he achieved meteoric success and continues to dominate online.  

The truth is, most entrepreneurs and marketers fail to gain traction and results because their approach is too broad and unfocused. If you want to skyrocket your traffic and following this year, you need to implement highly-targeted strategies built on providing massive value. Are you ready for the real insights that will change the way you do digital marketing?

Laser Focus on Your Audience's Pain Point. Identify your target audience's biggest frustration and build your entire SEO and content strategy around relieving it. Become the solution to their problem.  
Increase Your Content Velocity. Post 3 to 5 times per day on social media to gain constant visibility and build real relationships. Repurpose and break up existing content to ramp up your frequency. More posts mean more traffic and followers.
Have One Clear CTA. Choose one key desired action or result and drive all of your marketing efforts toward leading your audience to take that action. Remove competing CTAs and keep your messaging focused. Simple, straightforward user experiences lead to the best results.

If you implement even one of these strategies this week, you'll gain more momentum and followers than in the past six months combined. But you have to take action - as in, today. The competition is fierce and the marketing landscape is harsh. Only those willing to optimize and improve will thrive.  

Are you ready to build an audience of raving fans and gain the authority and influence you need to succeed? Then stop what you're doing right now and start leveraging these proven strategies. Your business growth depends on gaining real traction and results fast. And the rewards of connecting with your audience at a deeper level are life-changing.

What's holding you back from success is a lack of focus and the will to do what it takes. Now you have no more excuses. These strategies are your blueprint - get started today! Your future following is out there, desperately searching for the solutions and value you provide. Go serve them well!

The clock is ticking. Your audience is waiting. Isn't it time you started gaining the traffic and authority you deserve? This is your moment - seize it!