The 3 Ad Campaigns I Used to Make My First Million Dollars

The 3 Ad Campaigns I Used to Make My First Million Dollars

Sneak Peek Behind The Curtain To Reveal The Exact Strategies I Used To Grow AdSkills

Published by: Team AdSkills
May 22, 2023

Hey there, AdSmiths!

Justin Brooke from here. Today, I'm giving you a sneak peek behind the curtain to reveal the exact strategies I used to grow AdSkills to over a million dollars! 🚀 

Buckle up, because I'm going to show you the three ad campaigns that every business should use to crush their growth goals.

Brand Search Ads

Let's kick things off with a bang! 💥 

Brand search ads are an absolute game changer for both small and big companies. They're the low-hanging fruit of online advertising - low acquisition cost, high ROI. 🍇💰

Take HubSpot, for example. They're a massive company, and yet they still use brand search ads to their advantage. By split testing and directing users to the right landing page, they're maximizing their ad spend and driving conversions.

So, focus on targeting your own brand, product names, and personal name. Trust me, you won't regret it. 😎

Retargeting Campaign

Next up, we have retargeting campaigns - the unsung heroes of the advertising world. 🦸‍♂️ These ads target potential customers who visited your site but weren't quite ready to buy.

To make your retargeting ads irresistible, use content like discounts, testimonials, or free trials. At AdSkills, we've had massive success with testimonial ads, and they've played a huge part in our growth.

Content Distribution

Don't just sit around waiting for SEO or viral social media to work its magic. 🔮 Take control and actively distribute your content using social networks to advertise blog posts and videos.

Start by targeting your ideal customer persona. For example, we've had great success with Twitter ads targeting people who read business newsletters. 📰

The strategy is simple: drive targeted customers to your content, tag them with cookies, and retarget. Then, when they search for reviews, your brand search campaign will be waiting for them like a friendly face. 😁

Examples of Successful Blog Posts

Let me share a couple of examples of blog posts that have worked wonders for us. 🌟

Blog post targeting ad agency starters

This post was all about helping new ad agency owners get started. We included opt-ins and retargeting pixels, and, you guessed it, we had brand search ads waiting for potential customers. It was a massive hit. 🎯

Blog post featuring customer success stories

Nothing beats a good success story, right? We shared an actual customer story and included a call to action to join. This post worked perfectly in sync with our testimonial ads. People loved it. ❤️

The goal is to make users feel like they discovered your product themselves. It's a powerful psychological trick that makes your brand stick in their minds. 🧠


There you have it, folks!

The secret sauce that took AdSkills from zero to a million dollars. 🤑

Keep adding more blog posts, increase your retargeting and brand search budgets, and watch your business soar.

Remember, it's all about using multiple "fishing poles" to constantly pull in new customers. 🎣

This is Justin Brooke from, signing off.

Go crush those growth goals!