This Famous “Google Ad Lie” Dies At The End of This Article

This Famous “Google Ad Lie” Dies At The End of This Article

The Lie About "Google Ad" Finally Exposed and Debunked

Published by: Team AdSkills
May 22, 2023

Tell me if you’ve said or heard this…

Google search ads are too expensive.

I’ve heard it a bajillion times, and today, I’m slaying that dragon.

Then cutting it into tiny pieces. Then burning the remains so it never exists again 💪🏆

Why People Think Google Search Ads Are Too Expensive

The first reason is just rumors.

Are you smart enough to not believe rumors? I think you are if you read my emails.

Then the second reason, which I accept and sympathize with, is they’ve actually tested it.

They’ve tried Google search and were gutted when they saw clicks for $4+ maybe even $10+.

But but but…



I dig in just a little deeper with these people, they are targeting expensive keywords instead of the cheap keywords.

Sources say 15% of all Googled phrases are brand new never before seen. That means if Google gets 5.6 billion searches a day (I googled it) that 840,000,000 new never before searched phrases happen.



840 million brand new never before seen keywords A DAY!


If keyword cost is determined by competition, please explain to me how a new never before seen keyword can be “too expensive.”

But How Do We Target New Keywords?

Great question.

I hear you. You’re new excuse is that I’m being unfair because these phrases didn’t exist so how could you target them.

It’s a fair and legit question.

However, it also proves my ultimate point that people saying Google Search is too expensive are saying that because they just don’t understand how to make it cheap.

Most people think if I target x keyword my ads only show for x keyword.

That exists, but the reality is there are ways for it to look more like…

If I target x phrase then show for all possible phrases related to x. This is a much better setup as it allows you to target loads of very cheap keywords.

What If The New Keywords Don’t Convert?

A likely possibility!

But also just as likely is that it might convert.

What we do is we use what’s called “negative match” which helps remove any bad keywords.

In my first ever Google campaign I was target 900+ keywords. After I pruned and negative matched, I was left with just 9 keywords.

Each a profitable daily ATM pumping out new cash.

Which leads me to my ultimate point.

Yes keywords COULD be expensive, but that’s only if they aren’t profitable. We just cut all those unprofitable keywords.

I don’t care if it only costs $0.40 per click, if it’s unprofitable I don’t want it any more than I want a $4 click that’s unprofitable.

The goal is to find the profitable keywords and even if they are $10+…

Profitable is profitable! 🤷‍♂️

Usually those more expensive keywords are actually the most profitable. The reason they are expensive is many people are chasing that same keyword - because it’s so profitable.

One Last Trick For Making Expensive Keywords Profitable

Before I go some math to consider…

If I’m paying $4 per click and you are paying only $1 per click, who wins?

Way way way back in the pre-2010 days the highest bidder won.

That’s not true today.

Today, whoever gets the most clicks wins. Let me explain…

If I am paying $4 per click and you are paying just $1 per click, but your CTR is better than mine, then your ad will win. Because while you are only paying $1 per click, maybe you are getting 10 clicks per hour while I’m only getting 1 click per hour.

To Google, your ad is worth more per hour or per day than mine, so you win, even though you are paying less per click.

Wrap up…

For every 1 expensive keyword there are thousands of cheap keywords.

Who cares if a keyword costs $4 if it’s still profitable it’s profitable.

Lastly, if you increase your CTR you can actually bid LESS than others and still win.

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See you next week.

Justin Brooke,
Founder of

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