This Google Ad Trick is Like Free Money

This Google Ad Trick is Like Free Money

An Unbeatable Google Ads Strategy: "A keyword for everyone"

Published by: Team AdSkills
May 22, 2023

I know…

You’d probably rather me talk about something sexier like Facebook or TikTok ads.

But I promise after this you might be like me and think this trumps ALL of them.

I call this strategy “A keyword for everyone.”

It’s my deepest belief that there is at least 1 keyword that is such a perfect fit that anyone can make money from it.

For example, for AdSkills that keyword is “YouTube Ads Creative Best Practices.”

I don’t have to be that smart of a copywriter to win that searchers attention. Maybe if you sell basketball equipment your keyword is “Best Basketball For Children.”

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Get into the nuts and bolts.

How To Make Google Search Ads Profitable

Google search, sometimes called Google PPC, has a bad reputation for being too expensive.

Sure there are some expensive keywords.

But there are something like 4 million NEW keywords, that never existed before, created each day.

The problem is most people all go after the same high level keywords. That’s what makes them expensive.

For example if I tried to bid on “Facebook Ads” or “Advertising Tips.” Those keywords are going to be massively competitive and expensive.

So… don’t do that??

My philosophy for success in the interwebs is “lots of small streams build a rushing river.”

To me that means, chase after a bunch of easy keywords that get a few clicks a day. Before you know it you got a raging river of visitors coming to your page.

The bread and butter for me is loooooong keywords. I’m fact keyword that are a whole sentence that ask a question.

For example, “How to start an online ad agency.” That keyword is so long that most people aren’t going after it.

Plus it’s so descriptive that I know EXACTLY what that searcher wants. Meaning I can deliver the goods and win the customer, pretty easy.

Do This & Google Will Lower Your CPC Every Time

What Google wants most is the users trust.

That’s their #1 priority.

They are in the business of users trusting that they can find an answer on the first page, maybe even first result of the first page after searching.

And they are darned good at doing that.

Knowing this is their priority we can leverage that to get them to reward us for helping them achieve that result.

The way we do this is what they call “quality score.”

Other marketers huff at quality score, but I use it like bait. It’s my biggest profit level with Google.

The way I do it is by create 1 ad and 1 landing page for each keyword I bin on.



It’s a little more work, and in another article I can tell you how I figured out to automate it.

But when you do this I GUARANTEE you will decrease your costs and increase your earnings (as long as your product doesn’t suck).

Three Keys to Quality Score Victory

When Google inspects your page with its little bots, they are looking at 3 main elements of your page.

  1. Title tag
  2. H1 tag (or headline)
  3. URL structure

BONUS: Image file names.

Let’s take my keyword as an example…

“YouTube Ads Creative Best Practices”

That means I should have that whole phrase in my title tag of my landing page.

Maybe something like…

25 Ads That Show YouTube Ads Creative Best Practices

And then I’ll probably use that as my headline too.

Lastly, I want that to be in the URL of  my page.

What Keyword Is Best For Your Business?

Now that you know the technique, you just need to find your perfect keyword.

I’m not going to lie.

This part takes a little trial and error. It’s not a science, more an art.

For my book, it was dead simple.

My book is a book about Retargeting so naturally my keyword is “Retargeting Book.” Works like a charm, brings in customers like clockwork.

Sometimes it’s that easy.

What if my book topic was vegan cooking?

“vegan cook book” would be a very high competition keyword. I might even be competing with Amazon!

In that case I would niche down.

Southern vegan cook book?

Indian vegan cook book?

Or I might go by the cooking method…

Vegan air fryer cook book

Vegan crockpot cook book

There’s a keyword out there for you. I promise! One that’s going to bring in new customers DAILY and consistently.

You can do this!

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See you next week.

Justin Brooke,

Founder of

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