We Spied on Digital Marketer and What We Found is Pure Internet Wizardry!

We Spied on Digital Marketer and What We Found is Pure Internet Wizardry!

Dive headfirst into the deep ocean of online traffic.

Published by: Team AdSkills
July 20, 2023


So, you’re thirsty for that digital marketing juice, right? Look no further – we’re about to dive headfirst into the deep ocean of online traffic.

Hold on to your hats ‘cause today we’re about to dissect the BEAST that is Digital Marketer.

Oh, you haven't heard of Digital Marketer? No biggie. They're just one of the *titans* of the digital marketing world, with a grip on the industry that’s tighter than a bear hug. They're kind of a big deal.

Ready? Let's go!

The Powerhouse That is Digital Marketer's Website

Alright, let's get to the heart of the matter and analyze Digital Marketer's online presence for actionable SEO strategies.  

Their homepage layout hits the mark. It's clean, simple and shouts "here's what we can do for your business." Don't be fooled by the simplicity - this page is optimized to target high volume keywords related to digital marketing.

A standout feature is their blog section, packed with killer content. Articles, guides and case studies break down complex SEO concepts into practical tactics any business can use today. Posts branch out like a decision tree, each delving into a specific marketing tactic from content strategy to ad plans.  

They aren't throwing spaghetti at the wall - every post is strategically chosen to target long tail, high intent keywords. And it's clearly working from their high rankings for these terms.

Their "Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing" supercharges this strategy. The title, URL and post all revolve around the "digital marketing" keyword. Each sub-guide amplifies that message to smaller audiences.

In summary, Digital Marketer has built an SEO powerhouse by creating topic-focused, actionable content that answers customer questions while targeting high value keywords. Their backlink profile shows they've built trust and authority among referring sites.

If you want to see immediate improvements to your SEO, study Digital Marketer's playbook. Their data-driven, practical approach to content and link building is a recipe for search results domination.

Riding the Traffic Wave: The Genius Behind Digital Marketer’s Traffic Avalanche

Let's take a no-nonsense look at Digital Marketer's traffic sources and what strategies we can learn.  

SEO is clearly their bread and butter. Their domain is optimized to target some of the most competitive keywords in the game: "digital marketing", "content marketing", "email marketing" -  and they're aim high, not just going for the top 10 but ranking well outside of it. They understand long-tail keywords with high search volumes are often less competitive.

They actively build links through Twitter, leveraging their large following of marketers to share and promote their blog posts. This helps boost their domain authority and SEO rankings over time.

They have a decent YouTube following and produce quality videos targeting high-volume keywords, but it's not their primary focus. The channel acts more as a supplemental traffic source.

While they have some followers on TikTok, most of their videos see moderate traction and engagement. They likely view TikTok as an experimental channel at this point.

In summary, Digital Marketer has clearly optimized their SEO and content strategy to dominate for high-intent, high-volume keywords related to digital marketing. Twitter link building helps amplify that effort. While they have an active presence on other channels, SEO and blogs remain their bread and butter.  

The takeaway: Focus your efforts where you see the highest potential returns. Optimize one channel really well before stretching yourself too thin across many networks.

Digital Marketer's SEO Spellbook: Conjuring Rankings Like Magic

Let's analyze Digital Marketer's SEO strategy in a clear, actionable way.

The centerpiece is their Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing. This epic post targets "digital marketing," a high-volume, competitive keyword.

But they don't stop there. The post is broken into chapters covering various digital marketing tactics. Each chapter targets its own long tail keywords with high commercial intent.

By publishing interconnected blog posts, they've created an SEO ecosystem. Every post, link and internal reference reinforce one another, strengthening their on-page optimization and domain authority.

Their backlink profile also indicates strong SEO fundamentals. A diverse mix of high-quality, natural links point back to their relevant content - a sign they produce helpful information people want to share.

The takeaway for your own strategy:

  • Target high-volume, competitive keywords by creating evergreen hub pages and related, topic-specific posts  
  • An extensive, well-optimized internal link graph builds authority and domain strength over time
  • Earn quality backlinks by consistently publishing helpful, shareable content in your niche
  • Measure keywords by commercial intent, not just search volume      
  • Focus on building an SEO foundation before optimizing individual pages

When executed properly, these fundamentals comprise a powerful, sustainable SEO strategy - just like Digital Marketer's. Their success shows that with the right approach, you can compete for even the most difficult keywords.

The Social Media Powerhouse: How Digital Marketer Captivates the Masses

Next, let's do a no-nonsense breakdown of Digital Marketer's social media strategies.

YouTube: They have 62k subscribers, putting them in solid position to target mid-sized keywords. While their videos vary in quality, they've set a foundation and defend their turf consistently.

TikTok: With just 513 followers, TikTok remains mostly experimental. Some posts show potential, while others lack that "wow" factor. But they're testing the waters for future growth.  

Twitter: Here's the real prize - 47k followers, an authority audience. But the kingdom mostly runs on automation, with fresh blog posts as scheduled tweets. While engagement lacks, it still helps with SEO and brand awareness.

In summary, their social media presence is a mixed bag. While they have a small foothold on  some platforms, consistency and quality vary.  

But they're laying crucial groundwork for the long game: building audiences, experimenting with formats, and establishing an online presence.

The key takeaway: Don't expect overnight success on social media. Focus instead on:

  • Establishing a consistent publishing schedule  
  • Gradually improving content quality over time
  • Leveraging smaller platforms to test out strategies before scaling
  • Using social profiles to support your SEO and marketing goals
  • Building an authority audience that trusts you as a brand

Digital Marketer shows that incremental improvements, coupled with  a long-term mindset, can set the foundation for true social media dominance. If you can remain consistent now, you'll be ready to scale when opportunity strikes.

Wrap Up

Let's break down the lessons we can learn from Digital Marketer's success.  

Their website has highly useful, well-optimized content that answers business questions simply and practically. In-depth guides are structured to target multiple long-tail keywords while blogs cover tactics in concrete, actionable steps.  

They excel at generating organic traffic through a strong SEO foundation. They strategically target high-volume keywords, develop topic-focused content aligned to those keywords, and build relevant internal and external links.  

They set a foundation on larger social media platforms while continuing to experiment and learn. Their Twitter profile generates awareness through scheduled, relevant posts. They produce helpful videos to build a knowledgeable YouTube audience over time.  

In summary, Digital Marketer executes the basics extremely well:

  • Producing practical, targeted content with clear calls to action  
  • Developing a content architecture and linking structure to support their SEO strategy
  • Building authority organically through helpful, shareable resources
  • Focusing initially on high value keywords and channels before diversifying

Key takeaways for you to try on your own:

  • Start simply by identifying your most important goals and audiences.
  • Create the most useful, targeted content you can for those groups.  
  • Optimize that content for your primary keywords and channels.
  • Build from there by refining your strategy with each new piece of content.
  • As you gain momentum, expand into adjacent keywords and channels.

Digital Marketer succeeds by doing the fundamentals extremely well and iterating intentionally. Focus on the basics first, then build through continuous refinement - and you'll see real progress over time.

That's all for now. As always, focus on executing the basics well and learning with each iteration. Over time, those small improvements will compound into real, meaningful progress for your business.  

Your #1 Fan,
Justin Brooke