"I made my money back within 36 hours and was able to get a client, a really great client, that we  got some good results for."  - Rory Stern

For Less Than $100 You Can Access Marketing Experts Willing To Solve Your Problems 7 Days a Week

In just a few minutes from now you'll be trading ideas and strategies with elite marketers. Including paid traffic experts to help you with your ad campaigns, tracking experts to help you with tracking, and copywriters to help you increase your sales.

This is NOTHING like those newbie filled Fakebook groups.

Let me ask you an important question...

Do you get less than 10,000 clicks per day?

If you're not getting at least 10,000 clicks per day, then it's either because you don't know what you are doing, your funnel has a clog in it, or you're pages convert too low.

We can fix you up quick.

Do you know how many clicks per day you need to for 5,000 sales?

A lot more then you are probably getting right now, but that's exactly what we're going to fix.

Your Traffic & Conversion Problems Dissolve Inside Our Private Community Forum With Help From Veterans

You might be a decent marketer.

You might even be a great marketer.

We're going to turn you into an elite professional able to drive 10's of thousands of clicks per day profitably. You'll be surprised just how easy it is when you get our campaign frameworks.

What about being banned? Have you ever had your account banned or suspended?

With our contacts inside we can help you avoid it ever happening again, and if it does we can help you get your campaigns back up and running FAST!

  • Need tracking installed?
  • Help researching keywords?
  • Ideas for targeting your customers?
  • Feedback on your landing page?
  • Veterans to look over your campaigns?

With our elite network of marketers inside this community forum, there is nothing you cannot get done.

Here's what one of our members had to say...

"I am blown away by the stuff I am learning in here. I am one of the guys who paid $20k to spend a day with Dan Kennedy. Seeing you answer these questions in your group, you remind me of him. You both are like a human Google. "


Why you should trust what I have to say and join us...

I've Spent 12 Years & $10,000,000+ Dollars To Learn What I'm About To Pass Down To You...

Hi, I'm Justin Brooke, and I want to be on your team.

  • I've spent over $10,000,000 on ads (profitably)
  • I've acquired 50,000+ customers for my clients
  • I've been interviewed on 27 different business podcasts
  • I've spoken on stages in Vegas, California, New York, even Australia and London
  • My clients include DigitalMarketer.com, Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, StansberryResearch, Disney Book Club, LendingTree, and more

This makes me a great contact for you to have...

And today I want you to add me to your speed dial. Plus, I want you to add my 400+ friends too.

Fed Up With Newbie Filled Facebook Groups...

I Left Social Media & Created An Elite Private Community of Marketing Experts & Millionaires

We've already got 400+ members and I love hanging out with them.

My new friends don't gripe about politics, negativity, or tell me what they ate for lunch.

Instead we talk about...

  • Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • PPC Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Native Ads
  • SEO
  • and more!
  • Who Will You Meet Inside?

    Just off the top of my head, we have:

    • At least 7 multi-millionaires
    • Hundreds of business owners in every niche market
    • 3 tracking and analytics wizards
    • Several pro copywriters, one who was directly trained by Gary Halbert
    • Dozens of FB ads experts
    • Former Agora employees with experience scaling paid ads
    • A former Google employee who actually worked inside Google Adwords and Youtube Ads
    • A content marketing master who regularly gets his articles shared by thousands
    • My own team including our email copywriter, conversion optimizer, and data analyst
    • And my humble self :-D

    As the saying goes, it's not about WHAT you know, it's about WHO you know. 

    When you become a member of Pro League you instantly have a network of marketing masters and millionaires to tap into.

    We pioneered the tactics your gurus are teaching...  

    When I setup my first Facebook ad, there was no newsfeed ads. They didn't even have a tracking pixel yet.

    Retargeting was unheard of in our space before I started blogging about it.

    It was me teaching it in their private masterminds that made the trend become widespread.

    Now people wouldn't even consider running traffic without retargeting.

    And driving traffic to blog posts, that was something I started in 2012. Then Ryan Deiss paid me to teach his team, and they loooved it.

    He has said on stage that it's all they do now.

    You need to stop listening to gurus who are teaching you things they've already done for years, and join our private community.

    You'll find out about things no one is doing yet.

    You'll have months worth of headstart on your competitors and by the time they catch up, you'll be onto the next big wave.

    When you join you'll find out why I am invited for free to private mastermind weekends that cost others $25,000 to attend.

    And you'll learn the same things I teach them behind closed doors.

    Millionaires scout out private community for talented marketers to partner with, so why aren't you?

    Inside we have a separate area for posting job offers.

    One of our members got his first client in there. Another found someone who could help him setup his funnel.

    Others hired Facebook ad experts.

    Half of our customers are business owners buying just so they can have access to the job offers room to hire the talented people we have inside.

    That could be you getting hired or hiring someone you need.

    Plus we have another unfair advantage...

    The Unfair Advantage Our Members Have That You Don't...

    A few months ago I wrote a blog post and within 48hrs that post had over 2,000 visitors and generated 411 free leads.

    My secret...

    • I didn't send the blog post to my email list
    • I didn't share it with my fan page
    • I didn't get lucky and magically go viral

    Instead I used the #like-share-comment channel inside the Pro League forum.

    Inside this channel we have hundreds of people who can instantly share, comment, and like your content. They helped me get on the front page of some very powerful content curation sites.

    Because of the seeded likes/comments/shares my blog post was then also shared in a few large newsletters.

    It works on Facebook ads too. Inside our community we're seeing that ads with positive comments convert better than ads with no comments.

    Inside our group we share and comment on each others ads to help with the "positive feedback" and our members profit from it.

    This is our secret unfair advantage.

    It's why many of our members call our group their "secret weapon" and it can become yours.

    You can have this unfair advantage.

    Get Your unfair advantage for less than $3.50 per day

    You probably spend more than that on lunch.

    Past members had to spend $500 to get in, but today, you're getting a deal far better than that. 

    Here's everything you're getting...

    • Experts will review your ad campaigns and tell you which settings to change
    • You'll get custom-tailored advice from people who are in the trenches, not a guru behind the screen
    • You can find strategic partners who can help you unlock doors or promote your products
    • Pro copywriters will look over your sales pages and landing pages to give you critiques
    • Network and land your dream client or hire highly trained freelancers in our job offers channel
    • Keep yourself accountable by telling our group what you plan to do and let us hold you accountable
    • Eliminate the stress that comes with doing it all alone
    • And more  

    Used to be $500, but today you get in for only $99

    I know what you're thinking...

    You could just join a Fakebook group and then ask your questions in there.

    You could...

    But, are you able to discern the pretenders from the real experts?

    You've seen the kind of questions that get asked in there. The only active people in those groups are newbies.

    Or worse newbies pretending to be experts.

    How do you know they aren't just trying to bait you into buying their consulting? What if they are giving you an answer to show off and try to impress others in the group (not even trying to really help you).

    The difference, is in AdSkills Pro League we don't have secret agendas. We're not trying to market ourselves, we're trying to genuinely help each other.

    Imagine if you could invite a millionaire out to coffee, and pick his brain.

    Now imagine you got to do this every... single... day!

    You can, inside the AdSkills Pro League for just $99 today and then once a month we'll renew your membership for another $99.

    Cancel anytime, easy.

    If you just want to stay for one month, that's fine. If you want to come and go as you please, that's fine.

    You should join for at least one month though. 

    You join today, and tomorrow you have one of the worlds most powerful support groups helping you grow your business.

    For 30 full days you'll have access to our experts, the #joboffers channel, and the #like-comment-share channel.

    Use our unfair advantages for a whole month and then decide if you want to stick around.

    Or don't do anything.


    Maybe your business is perfect already and you want to keep your life exactly how it is. Maybe you don't need any growth.

    Maybe you already have a network of PPC experts to call on.

    Maybe you already have access to millionaires you can have daily discussions about your business with.

    If that's the case, don't join, you're already set.

    If it's not the case and you want all those things, then sign up now.

    We're waiting for you inside.

    We Give you 3 guarantees...

    Money Back Guarantee

    Try any AdSkills program for the next 30 days. We know you'll love our products because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Customer Support Guarantee

    When you buy from AdSkills, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays).

    Freshness Guarantee

    Every course comes with the always updated guarantee. Every month we scour our courses for any outdated topics. If something has changed or become outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date.

    Instant Access Bonus

    How To Create Your Own High Converting Landing Page Templates That Competitors Drool Over

    If you use ClickFunnels or LeadPages or Unbounce, then this bonus tutorial will be a game changer for you.

    Not to toot my own horn, but all of these platforms use templates that I have personally developed. 

    Having others copy your landing pages is a blessing and a curse

    It's ok though, because with this lesson you can always whip up a new high converting template. Even though LeadPages and ClickFunnells use my templates, I have new ones that they don't know about.

    I'll teach you step-by-step how I create high converting templates that no one else has. Just be prepared for competitors to start copying you.

    Proof that this tutorial gets high conversions...

    Inside this tutorial you will learn...

    • The AIDA formula that pro direct response marketers rely on for consistent high conversions

    • How to start from a blank page and end up with something that consistently brings in new leads and sales

    • The secret to turning skeptics into fans so you can convert even cold traffic with your landing pages

    • How I reverse engineer proven winners to ensure that every page I create is based on something that has a history of wins

    • How to use your markets pre-existing desires against them so that they desperately want what you are offering

    • The WP plugins and super cheap web tools I use to create landing pages from scratch (and kick the asses out of professionally created landing pages)

    • Watch me go from idea to finished page step-by-step with all my thought processes, tools, techniques, and strategies.

    If you want access to this bonus tutorial, then scroll back up and sign up today. This video alone is worth the $99 for your first month.

    Here's what past customers had to say about our teaching...

    “Landed my first $10k client because of what I learned in your course.” 
    – Jay Leishman owner of StackDigitalMedia.com

    “Ever since I finished the Bootcamp, I've gotten better quality clients. I've gotten rave reviews from clients that I have never gotten before because they're so happy, even with results that we've been able to get them within the first 30 days. I've never experienced this before.”

    - Liana Ling

    “I used what I learned and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month.”

    - Alejandro Reyes 

    “Whatever they're charging now, pay it. You'll get it back. As a media buyer, an agency owner, I made my money back within 36 hours from the job board. I was able to get a client, a really great client that we got some good results for. That, in and of itself paid for the program, all the learning, the training.”

    - Rory Stern

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