Yakov Pesah is an AdSkills Certified Junior Media Buyer. He leverages his unique background and skills to help experts and companies grow their market reach and accelerate their revenue growth. Specifically, he applies his creativity to your campaign design using empathy and understanding of people from different backgrounds, which he developed during his training as a physician (MD) and a non-profit leader. Yakov also utilizes the analytical skills he gained as a scientist (Ph.D.) to perform data-driven market research and targeting. He will use the AdSkills' world-class level training in market research, designing and setting up the tested three-pronged AdSkills ad campaigns, and using cutting-edge analytics methods to quickly drive your revenue. Yakov is passionate about marketing and business growth and is a voracious learner. He will deliver persuasive copy, design landing pages, sales pages, lead magnets, builds email lists, and create email sales campaigns to facilitate your business growth. He has a friendly personality and has strong interpersonal skills. Yakov works well both as part of the team or as the leader of one. He can be contacted at  yakov@yakovpesah.com


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