Have you heard about solo ads?

They’re really hot. A lot of the IM guys, the internet marketing guys are using them to make money online. There’s a lot of places to buy and sell solo ads in the IM market.

One of the biggest questions that I get asked about solo ads is where can I buy these for other niche markets? You see if I wanna buy solo ads for weight loss or solo ads for real estate, where do I buy that? There’s actually a lot of different places that you can do that.

One of my favorite places is arcamax.com I’ve used them for years. They have a gigantic newsletter and millions of people are on there. And they have other smaller niche newsletters that you can get access to. Also, make sure that you ask about those because when you call up, they won’t normally tell you about those things. It’s much cheaper to run in the niche newsletters that they have but they make their biggest money out of the big newsletter that they sell. So they normally talk about that one first.

So arcamax.com is a great place to buy solo ads for other markets. Even general interest. If you’ve got an offer that’s doing really really well, and you just need more traffic period, they’ve got tons and tons of traffic available.

arcamax.com is a great place to buy solo ads for other markets and for general interest. If you’ve got an offer that’s doing really well and you just need more traffic period, they’ve got  tons of traffic available.

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Another one is dedicatedemails.com. They don’t have lots of different markets but if you wanna buy for the real estate market, for wealth building market, personal development, make money online, they have some health and fitness inventory as well — they are really great.

I’ve used them. This is probably my best source dedicatedemails.com. I’ve become great friends with the owners, the Litman brothers — Brian and Michael Litman. They have access to a lot of the really large guru list. So if you wanna access those list you’re gonna need to spend upwards of $1,000, they would want me to tell you that upwards of $2,000 and they’re great.

I’ve gotten great conversions off them so the first one arcamax.com, second one dedicatedemails.com that’s my best one right there. And then another one is newsmax.com.

If you just wanna access the older, conservative male — if you’ve got something about like heart problems, pills that solve heart problems, joint pain pills, age defying stuff, for age regeneration (I don’t know about this stuff — I’m young!), hair loss stuff . Anything that targets the males 35 and older they have access to that market and lots of millions of them. So newsmax.com is another one.

You can go to a website called nextmark — if you want to find all their list, you go to the lists.nextmark.com and you can search all the different lists that they have available. There’s tons of them on every single topic. Not only email list but you can get phone list, you can get snail mail list, you can get all that stuff there so check out lists.nextmark.com.

And the last one and this is my nugget that I don’t normally give out — bmielite.com — BMI Elite. What they do is they go out, it’s compiled list so it doesn’t convert as good as a buyer’s list or a subscription list. They have massive list. So if you wanna have access to 12 million real estate brokers they’ve got that. So BMI Elite. Go check them out they have tons of email subscribers and lots of different markets.

Just to run them again real quick: arcamax.com, dedicatedemails.com, nextmark.com, and then bmielite.com. Check those out and that’s where you can go and buy solo ads in other non IM niches.


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