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Avoid The Obvious, And Scale Your YouTube Ads To The Moon with Kevin Milani

Kate Buck Jnr
April 4, 2023
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Kevin Milani decided engineering was not for him, so he moved to New York and worked in many companies that are driven by direct response marketing - Fortune, Columbia Records, Think Tank, and more.

He's best known for his YouTube ads chops, although he excels in many other areas, such as Adwords, Display, and even radio or TV.

He read Perry Marshall's book on Google Ads back in 2006, then started experimenting on his own, and developed a "map" in his head.

Today, he manages about $3 million every month in ad spend, across multiple clients. For him, YouTube ads are the best platform to scale campaigns to $50,000 per day and beyond... but the secret is having great creatives. He once scaled a customer from $0 to $27,000 a day (profitably) in a week.

However, YouTube can be very challenging, according to him. A number of his processes were found through trial and error... and often they seem to be counter-intuitive.

Kevin works with clients in every vertical, and he does a lot of health, wellness, fitness, ecom. He's very interested in clients who want to expand their spend above 50k a day, mainly on YouTube, Adwords, and GDN.

With over $100 million+ in ad spend, Kevin is regarded as one of the top Google Ads guys in the world.

You can reach out to Kevin at https: // or

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